The St. Germain cemetery came into being approximately 55 years ago with the creation of a volunteer based Cemetery Association and the transfer of property ownership from the Town to that Association. Since then the cemetery operations have been handled exclusively by those volunteers in compliance with State mandates and with little assistance from the Town. That is about to change.

Directors of the Cemetery Association recently voted unanimously to disband effective May 1, 2020 and transfer ownership of its land, its assets and all of its records to the Town. State statutes provide guidance for such a change and the town board is currently taking steps to enable the transition to happen in an orderly fashion.

Property tax payers need not be concerned with this additional responsibility for the Town as the cemetery has historically functioned with financial independence. The town board intends for that to continue.

More details on this will be provided as preparation for the transfer continues.

The debate over what to do the the Red Brick School House is no longer a distraction when considering how to satisfy the Town's needs for centralized record retention or for town offices for the clerk and treasurer.

The town board can now concentrate on updating the Community Center and other town buildings and equipment. Not only does the roof on the Community Center need to be replaced, the same is true for the Fire Department and the newer pavilion. Replacement of the ambulance, perhaps a fire truck and likely a Public Works Department road truck will be discussions in the near future as will be work on the Vandervort Park pavilion and outdoor recreational facilities in the downtown park area.

How and when to accomplish these projects and how to pay for them will be considered as the town board develops a long term comprehensive plan to be shared with electors in coming months. This was a decision reached at a recent special town board meeting. Stay tuned, there is much more to come on this topic.


The Independence Day Celebration Committee is accepting nominations for Grand Marshal for the 2020 parade scheduled for June 28th. The nomination form can be downloaded from the Independence Day Committee page on the town website. Nominations are due no later than February 28.

Anyone wishing to reserve the Community Center for a private event, a meeting room in the Community Center for either a one-time on recurring need, pavilion space, a ball field or use of Vandervort Park on Lost Lake can now do so with an efficient on-line fillable form on the town website.

For more details including facility usage rates or how to obtain either a digital security code or an electronic key fob for buildings access, visit the Public Use of Town Facilities page of the website.
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