August 24, 2016
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The Ultimate Brain Map & More Updates in Medicine
The most complete map of the cerebral cortex ever to be charted has been unveiled. Researchers hope this more detailed map will open up the 'possibility to further explore the things that make us uniquely human.' The map reveals 97 distinct, previously undescribed regions, each containing cells with similar connectivity, structure, and function that differ from neighbor cells.  More information about the brain map is available in the brief (2-min) video below.

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Epilepsy Associated w/ Additional Health Conditions
According to a recent studynearly 80% of children with epilepsy also have other health conditions , such as digestive troubles, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, birth defects not involving the central nervous system, musculoskeletal problems, asthma and other respiratory issues. In addition,  ADHD was more than 5 times as common in children with epilepsy as in those without. Another study showed that children with epilepsy also experience psychological and social issues like anxiety, bullying and insecurities

One explanation for why epilepsy is so strongly associated with other health issues is that kids with epilepsy take medications, which can cause side effects and seizures can cause injuries such as falls and fractures.

Parents of children with epilepsy are advised to be sure the child is thoroughly assessed for all aspects of health including development, psychiatric health, nutrition, growth and sleep quality. Parents are also advised to discuss any new symptoms with the child's neurologist and/or pediatrician.

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Whenever possible, parents should avoid harsh discipline and maintain consistency when establishing rules. Their authority should be based on wisdom, not power.

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