January 29, 2014   Vol. V, Issue 5
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Sexual risk taking behavior & bullying.

"Bullies and bully-victims engage in more sexual risk-taking behaviors..". Bullying prevention programs and programs aimed at reducing unhealthy sexual practices need to address the broader underlying reason/coping perspectives for these behaviors.

The Myths of Bullying
The Myths of Bullying via YouTube


Introduction of complementary foods & food allergy.

A case-control study of 41 infants diagnosed with food allergy by the age of two years, indicates that early age (< 16 weeks) introduction of solids decreases the likelihood of receiving breast milk and increases the risks of food allergies.


Complementary feeding of solids to infants is recommended to be introduced between 4-6 months of life (breast feeding should continue to age 1 year or longer).



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Chest compressions during CPR- "old" "vs. "new" CPR guidelines.


Because of significant delays in starting cardiac compressions following anyone being unresponsive with abnormal breathing/cardiac arrest, the 2010 guidelines of American Heart Association (AHA 2010) recommended a change in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from the familiar A-B-C (Airway-Breathing-Compression) pathway to one in which cardiac compressions during CPR are the first action to be undertaken; C-A-B (Compression-Airway-Breathing).  


A study utilizing 86 undergraduate volunteers comparing the "old" vs. "new" CPR guidelines on mannequins indicates that the quality of chest compressions during C-A-B CPR is significantly improved, however this appears to be more difficult to sustain due to rescuer fatigue.


American Journal of Emergency Medicine 

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2010 Guidelines for CPR
2010 Guidelines for CPR
via YouTube

Bariatric surgery for obese adolescents.  


Morbid obesity in adolescents continues to be a major problem in the USA with many Bariatric surgical procedures (ie. gastric bypasses, gastrectomies, gastroplasties, and gastric bandings) being undertaken to manage the problem.


A retrospective study of 1,615 inpatients admitted primarily for morbid obesity who underwent bariatric surgery indicates that this option is being increasingly utilized and appears relatively safe with a low complication rate.


Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Asthma self-monitoring in children. The "Asthma Symptom Tracker" (AST).  


The Asthma Symptom Tracker is a relatively new tool that combines weekly use of the Asthma Control Test (7 questions child and parent answer weekly) with a color-coded graph for trending.


A study of 210 children (aged 2-18 years) with asthma utilizing the AST system over a six month period, indicates it to be a reliable, valid and responsive tool to monitor asthma control.


Effects of Grand-maternal nicotine exposure during pregnancy/lactation & lung integrity in the grandchildren.


An interesting three generational study on rats shows that "grand-maternal" nicotine exposure during pregnancy and lactation induces histological abnormalities in their "grandchildren's" lungs similar to that of premature aging.


Pediatric Pulmonology

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