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Minor abuse injury as an indicator for future child abuse

A case-control prospective study of 200 abused <12 month old infants evaluated in a study performed by a hospital-based Child Protection Team identified 27.5% of them who had a previous sentinel injury, compared to 8% of infants who were of intermediate concern, and none who were in a matched control group.


Previous sentinel injuries (bruising, intraoral and other injuries) are particularly prevalent in the <7 month old abused infant. Detection of sentinel injuries would prevent many cases of abuse.

Growth of spontaneously descended & surgically treated unilateral cryptorchidism

91 boys with congenital unilateral cryptorchidism with either spontaneous descent or surgery at either 9 months or 3 years were followed to 5 years of age. 82% of testes that spontaneously descend will do so within the first 2 months of age, however these testes are of smaller volume and are prone to ascent later to a retained position.


Early (9 months) surgically treated testes are similar in size to those which have spontaneously descended. Later (3 years of age) surgically treated patients have significantly smaller testes than both of those who have spontaneously descended or who were early treated.

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Interaction between health promotion & behavior in adolescents   


A recent 3 yr. pilot study of 336, 12-16 yr old students exposed to a health promoting intervention program, in which health & behavior patterns prior to and after the intervention were compared, suggests that for girls a school-based health promoting program changes the weekly use of alcohol, compulsive internet or computer use, computer game playing, bulling victimization and ever having used marijuana. For boys only television watching and internet or computer use was changed. Both sexes have fewer post-intervention psychosocial problems.

Video Feature
Dr. Mitchell discusses the link between genetics and congenital heart disease
Dr. Mitchell discusses the link between genetics and congenital heart disease
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin via YouTube

Prevalence of congenital heart disease (CHD) at live birth by echocardiography    


5,190 consecutive live born neonates underwent a clinical and echocardiograph evaluation at 47 hours of age (mean). Those diagnosed with CHD were followed to four months of life.


Overall prevalence of CHD in live newborns appears to be 26.6% of which 12.1% can be detected clinically. Males tend to have more severe CHD while more female infants are diagnosed with mild CHD. At 4 months follow up, overall prevalence is reduced to 19.5 % (due primarily to closure of muscular VSD's).


Antenatal steroid exposure & whole-genome expression in premature infants


The long term benefits of prenatal administration of glucocorticoids, 30 years after their initial used, continue to be delineated. A single dose given to pregnant women expected to deliver a preterm infant within 1 week, appears to significantly reduce mortality, respiratory distress syndrome, and intraventricular hemorrhage.


A prospective whole-genome expression study on 40, 32 week gestation newborn infants who had been exposed to a full antenatal course of glucocorticoids, examined and compared 20693 gene-expressed products to an untreated control group, 5 and 28 days after delivery.


Antenatal steroids appear to affect a limited number of genes and gene pathways in preterm infants. These effects appear to be short lived.


Acta Paediatrica

Pacifier use & exclusivity of breast feeding  


A retrospective assessment of breast feeding initiation or exclusivity and formula supplementation of 2,249 babies who were either allowed a pacifier or not in a mother-baby unit, suggests that the use of pacifier appears to have a beneficial effect on the rate of breast feeding and decreases the likelihood of formula utilization.



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