May 28, 2014   Vol. V, Issue 22
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Ultrasonography/MRI versus CT scan for diagnosing appendicitis.

Exposing children to radiation imaging continues to be a concern.


A retrospective study of 662 children (<18 years old) identified 2 groups who had diagnostic imaging for suspected appendicitis; one having undergone CT and the other ultrasonography followed by MRI. Results indicate that ultrasonography/MRI in children with suspected appendicitis is feasible, & gives comparable results to those obtained with CT. No differences in time to antibiotic administration, appendectomy, perforation rate or length of hospital stay are noted.



Are Lesbian couples more prone to parenting stress?

A survey questionnaire study examined general parenting stress and the sub-areas of "incompetence", "social isolation" and "role restriction" of 131 lesbian, 83 heterosexual couples following in-vitro fertilization (IVF) (who used their own gametes) and 118 spontaneously pregnant parents (as controls).

Overall, lesbian parents experience less parenting stress than heterosexual, IVF or spontaneously pregnant parents, with birth mothers experiencing higher stress levels than co-mother and fathers.


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Can simple urinalysis (UA) reliably predict urinary tract infection (UTI) & causative agent?


A retrospective chart review of 608 medical records examining, in 2 months-2 year old febrile children, associations between UA/UTI and causative organism indicates that UA is NOT an accurate predictor of UTI; however when positive most urine specimens will grow E. coli. A negative UA in presence of a strong suspicion of UTI suggests a non-E. coli organism. Positive leucocytes esterase, nitrites and WBC's are highly predictive UTI with E. coli.


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Postconcussion symptom exaggeration.


"A minority of pediatric patients who have mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) report persistent post concussive symptoms". A study of 191 patients (8-17 years) seen following mTBI for neuropsychological evaluation, & who undergo the Medical Symptom Validity Test, indicates, that 12% fail the test.


A subset of children with persistent symptoms following mTBI may exaggerate or feign symptoms. Children with persistent postconcussion symptoms should be evaluated by a neuropsychologist who should incorporate validity tests. 


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Undescended Testes: Ask The Expert featuring Dr. Earl Cheng, Lurie Children's
Undescended Testes: Ask The Expert featuring Dr. Earl Cheng, Lurie Children's
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Undescended testis (UDT).


An interesting article on UDT (a common abnormality found in 1%-6% of males) examined population characteristics, age and dates of orchidoplexy.


Most UDT's are unilateral, diagnosed at birth (56%), occur frequently in premature infants (15%) and are often (8%) associated with major genitourinary abnormalities. 70% are operated on later than 1 year of age despite current recommendations recommending correction within the first year of life. Prompt early referral is required to decrease the risk of torsion, subsequent malignancy and reduced fertility.


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Excessive crying in infancy (colic) & subsequent ear infections.    


While the etiology of excessive infant crying ("colic") remains unknown, there appears to be an association between this and a subsequent increase in ear infections. Pediatricians should be aware.  


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