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                Weekly Updates in Pediatrics         August 8, 2012 

EDITOR:  Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, FAAP 


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Sexual abuse and risky sexual behavior among adolescent boys.

While most research and intervention of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse has focused primarily on girls/young women, adolescent boys are also sexually abused. 


A meta analysis of existing studies investigating the link between sexual abuse and risky sexual behavior (unprotected sex, multiple sexual partners and pregnancy) indicates that sexually abused boys are 2-4.8 times more likely to participate in risky sexual behavior. 


Source:  Journal of Adolescent Health

Five year survival/neurodevelopmental outcome of ELBW (birth weight less than 1000 gms) infants 

During two separate 5 year periods (1991-1995 and 2001-2005) 0.33% and 0.5% respectively of newborns in Ireland were ELBW infants. 


Survival of ELBW infants to five years of age improved from 52% to 63% during the two five year periods. The incidence of childhood disability remained unchanged.


Source:  Acta Paediatrica 

Short-term outcome for term infants with oligohydramnios 

A retrospective analysis of 465 term infants with oligohydramnios and matched "controls" was undertaken to evaluate a variety of associations.


Prenatal oligohydramnios in term infants is associated with lower birth weight SGA babies, an increase rate of renal malformations, a greater incidence of dislocation of the hip and torticollis.


Source: Acta Paediatrica 

Nexium (esomeprazole) in the treatment of GERD in young infants


98 infants with gastroesophageal reflux symptoms were given Nexium once daily for two weeks. 82.7% experienced symptom improvement. An extended treatment group compared to a control parallel placebo group experienced similar worsening of symptoms.


Source: Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition

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Symptoms and Treatment for Infant Acid Reflux 
Symptoms and Treatment for Infant Acid Reflux

Source: THE Drs via You Tube 

Maternal smoking prematurity and recurrent childhood wheezing


A study of a multi-ethnic group of 1448 urban children born preterm (<37 weeks gestation) who had antenatal or postnatal smoke exposure indicates maternal smoking during pregnancy and prematurity enhances the likelihood of wheezing during early childhood.  


Source:  Pediatric Pulmonology 

Does prone position sleeping increase the risk of extreme cardio respiratory events?


An interesting study of sleep position in 116 infants undertaken during an extreme cardio respiratory event (and compared to a matched control group) found that the prone or side position did not increase the likelihood of the event. It is strongly suggested that the decrease in Sudden Infant Deaths associated with infants sleeping in the supine position is caused by mechanisms unrelated to monitored cardiorespiratory events.


Source:  The Journal of Pediatrics  

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