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The PTAC is a business and technology extension program of the UNC System. Our purpose is to generate employment and improve the general economic condition of the state by assisting North Carolina companies, including those eligible for business development programs for local, state and federal government contracts. We provide procurement technical assistance by offering no-fee and confidential counseling on selling your products and/or services to the appropriate local, state or federal government agency.

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Updates on Migration to 
Brooklyn Dellinger, NC PTAC Advisor at Appalachian State University
The migration of many federal contracting websites to continues. Once this modernization is complete, federal contractors will have "one homepage with a single sign-on, one powerful search tool, one robust reporting tool, and one workspace where users can access the information and tools they need to make, receive, and manage federal awards." Here is where GSA is in the process of decommissioning legacy sites and moving their data to

Important dates and tips for federal government contractors:
  • The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) is preparing to merge, IAE's largest system, into the modernized environment on May 24, 2021. Once integrated, legacy will be decommissioned and the new environment will retire the "beta" and be renamed
  • Keep your legacy system passwords up to date. If you haven't accessed your account(s) in a while, sign in to make sure your account is still active. Passwords generally expire in 90 days.
  • Monitor the legacy systems for transition updates
  • Join the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) Industry Community on Interact (non-federal users)
  • Attend quarterly Industry Days (announced on interact) for updates on modernization
Marketing Your Small Business for Government Contracting
Brooklyn Dellinger, NC PTAC Advisor at Appalachian State University
You have completed all the appropriate local, state, and federal government registrations and conducted research to determine your target markets and opportunities. Now, what? As a small business looking to do business with this government, this is where the work really begins. Like any other sales avenue, government contracting requires dedicated resources and a thoughtful, strategic approach to marketing and outreach on behalf of your business. Here are five marketing options you should implement into your government contracting marketing plan:
  1. Research any applicable small business certifications or business development programs (local, state, and federal levels of government) that you can leverage as a competitive advantage, additional resources, and outreach tools and platforms. 
  2. Develop your company website. Ensure you have a section dedicated to government contracting, including your service offerings, government contracting point-of-contact, and your capability statement (see #3).
  3. Prepare a capability statement. This is essentially a resume for your business, but specifically developed for government contracting. Use this to market to government agencies, prime contractors, and other key partners. This document is straight-forward and should highlight your business capabilities, experience, and what sets you apart from your competition (other similar vendors). Check out the NC PTAC's on-demand webinar, Preparing an Effective Capability Statement, at your convenience to learn more and get started.
  4. For federal government contractors - Update your business listing in federal government databases. Government agencies and other government contractors can search for you in the following:
    • SBA's Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) - Once your SAM account is active, some information will syndicate to DSBS. You can update that information and add more, including your website and a narrative, in DSBS. 
    • SBA's SubNet (for subcontracting opportunities)
  5. Target specific agencies for outreach and events. Learn which agencies are buying what you are selling, and start there! Individual government agencies have offices dedicated to assisting small businesses. This assistance includes providing agency contact information, upcoming outreach events and industry days, and possibly even lists of prime contractors. Use these agencies to gain knowledge on how the agency conducts business, conduct direct outreach, participate in relevant events, and connect with prime contractors for subcontracting opportunities.  
These steps are only the beginning. Your local PTAC advisor can guide you through marketing your business to government agencies and be a great resource for networking with key players in your industry.

2020 - A Good Year for PTAC
Scott Barker, PTAC Program Director
As we look back on a year that was very difficult in many ways, I am encouraged to see some very good numbers on the PTAC scorecard for the year.  The following numbers represent what the PTAC team in North Carolina was able to achieve for the calendar year - each statistic represents an increase from the previous year:
 - Active clients:  2,005
 - New Clients:  1,639
 - Hours of Counseling:  6,893
 - Government Contracts won by Clients$385,101,488
 - PTAC Events:  78
Success Story 
C and V Smith Trucking
Brooklyn Dellinger, NC PTAC Advisor at Appalachian State University
C and V Smith Trucking LLC is a small, woman-owned trucking business based in Morganton, NC. Victoria Smith, owner of C and V Smith Trucking, originally reached out to the NC PTAC at Appalachian State University in early 2021 for assistance with becoming a certified woman-owned small business. Brooklyn Dellinger, the region's PTAC advisor, quickly set a meeting with Victoria to discuss the certification and learn more about the business.
Victoria and husband, Chad (Smith), started the business just three years ago in 2018, and since have steadily grown the business each year. Like many PTAC clients, C and V Smith Trucking did not originally approach government markets as potential sales avenues, but instead, worked with other Western North Carolina businesses to subcontract portions of awarded contracts. Within the last year, multiple new and potential prime contracting vendors noted that becoming a certified woman-owned small business would really give the company an edge over their fierce, local competition which is why Victoria chose to engage PTAC services.
Brooklyn educated Victoria on many of the fundamentals of government contracting at the local, state, and federal levels; the government contracting supply chain; the processes to register and certify the business in all of the appropriate local and state databases; and how to market the business to both government agencies and established prime contractors. In just a few short weeks, Victoria has diligently worked to learn all about the government marketplace and contracting process. She has registered C and V Smith Trucking to do business with the state of North Carolina, become prequalified to work with NCDOT, and is currently processing her application for NC HUB certification and as a DBE with NCDOT. Once approved, these NC business designations will give the company a competitive advantage and drastically increase the business's exposure on state contracting databases. Victoria's confidence in communicating with government agencies and other vendors has greatly increased. In the coming weeks, Victoria and Brooklyn will research federal government contracting potential, as well.
C and V Smith Trucking LLC has determined, organized, and courteous owners to ensure their work is done right and their customers are satisfied. The company has been growing, commercially, year-over-year, and now, with the right knowledge and support, C and V Smith Trucking is certain to grow and expand in the government market as well.


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