Volunteer Appreciation

April 2021
Key Players Proclaimed Outstanding Citizens
April is National Volunteer Month and SCAC took the opportunity to recognize two of its chief volunteers.

Shelley Hoy and Heather Gosselin were presented with proclamations by both Springboro City Council and the Clearcreek Township Trustees in recognition of their outstanding service to the community.

"They are two amazing volunteers at the SCAC," said Executive Director Wendy Ford. "They spend countless hours serving our community."

Shelley leads the SCAC's relationship with Shared Harvest, administers the backpack program and coordinates food drives.

Heather has created and maintains an inventory control system that makes sure no donation is wasted. She also manages hundreds of volunteers every year.

"Neither Shelley nor Heather hesitated or even blinked when the COVID-19 crisis caused demand for the SCAC services to quadruple in 2020 but increased their efforts, reached out to their contacts and made it their personal mission to enable the SCAC to keep up with the community’s needs," the proclamations read.

The City's proclamation was presented during it's regular council meeting by Mayor John Agenbroad. Springboro City Manager Chris Pozzuto is president of the SCAC Board of Trustees.

Trustee Jason Gabbard presented the township's proclamation at a reception for friends and family following the council meeting. He is vice president of the SCAC Board of Trustees.
National Honor Society Students Volunteer
Members of the National Honor Society from Springboro High School have been a regular set of volunteers for the SCAC all school year.

Community service is one of the pillars of the society and we thank these cheerful, dedicated students for choosing to serve with us.

Olivia Ballweg, Morgan Berrier, Celia Blankenship, Katelyn Brangers, Kendall Braun, Abby Clemens, Meredith Coffield, Cameron Cyran
Grace Dillon, Abbe Eigel, Bella Emanuel, Madeline Fisher, Gracie Gitzinger, Haley Gosselin, Emma Glauvitz, Maddie Green, Rachel Gulzinski.

Lauryn Hagan, Holly Harendza, Brooke Hatton, Eliza Hocz, Abigail Hoehn, Sarah Honious, Riley Hunter, Sarah Ionescu, Hannah Johnson, Kensey Kelley,
Lauren Klees, Isaac Koch, Rachana Kode, Stella Langley, Kristi Loose, Sara Loose, Kaitlin Lunt, Zoe Mercer, Nick Oakley, Ayush Parmar, Mariena, Passidomo, Nino Panetta, Sam Peeler, Milan Pema, Eli Phillips.

Neeraj Ralhan, Hannah Reigelsperger, Rory Rodriguez, Jason Roehrs, Anna Ronquillo Hernandez, Sahiba Salmon-Rehki, Haley Scott, Kennedy Seipel, Andrew Sheridan, Caroline Sproat, Sophie Steele, Emily Taylor, Tori Thorson, Brooke Tibbits, Alaina Tully, Ella Widau, Miranda Wishnok, Alexandria Wyers,
Hannah Ziegler.
Volunteers at the Heart of SCAC
We are grateful for every thought and minute our volunteers have given us in this past, difficult year. Many community members have made volunteering at SCAC a habit making so much more possible.

Special thanks is due to the Springboro Schools Food Service staff who made our first distributions after the shutdown last March very generous and who were extremely gracious with their time and efforts.

We are also incredibly thankful for our church community. Many pastors are among our regular volunteers and many bring groups of congregation members to volunteer as well. Additionally, they have worked together to make sure a food drive is hosted for SCAC every month this year.

We know this list is incomplete, but we call attention to and thank the following:

Jimmy Aker, Keith and Hannah Allen, Juliette Dame, Katie Cameron, Connor Cameron, Claire Campbell, Christina Chaball, Amanda Cox, Surabhi Gadwalkar, Rachel Gellenbeck, Sandy Goodrich, Haley Gosselin, Harry Hall, Steve Hegwood, Katrina and Scylah Hill, Bella Hurley.

Ronald, Ronnie and Sam Mazuk, Susan and Dona Menrisky, Jessica Meyerhofer, Srithan Mopuru, Alyssa Pugnate, Steve Rudisill, Luke Sandro, Tina Schrof, Nancy Slezak, Justin Smith, Katie Sorrell, Sandi Thompson, John Tipler.
Resource Coordinators Create Valuable Bridge
Resource Coordinator in Springboro Schools is a calling, not just a job. Thankfully Courtney Collins, Autumn LeBu and Sarah Newlin have been called to us!

SCAC Executive Director Wendy Ford also serves at Springboro Schools' Mental Health Coordinator and with this wonderful team of ladies.

Their work includes matching families in our schools with resources in the community, including the food distributions and other services offered at the SCAC, so they have everything they need to be successful.

By taking the time to get to know students and their families, Courtney, Autumn and Sarah create a valuable bridge that does wonders for our community. They provide countless hours of service doing everything from making phone calls to handing out Christmas presents. We are grateful for them.
What We Need
Springboro Community Assistance Center is grateful for all donations. Here is what we need the most right now.

  • Canned fruit: pears, peaches, pineapple, mandarin oranges
and mixed fruit
  • Applesauce
  • Canned Pasta Sauce
  • Syrup
  • Jelly
  • Dishwasher detergent/pods
  • Laundry detergent/pods
  • Shampoo and body wash
  • Napkins
  • Diapers: sizes 5 and 6

There are drop boxes outside the Educare building next to Springboro Junior High School (1629 South Main Street, Springboro, Ohio).
PayPal Allows Recurring Donations
Did you know: SCAC accepts donations via PayPal. Want to give regularly? Set up a recurring donation!

If you give from a bank account instead of a credit card, there are no fees! (We pay the fees which reduces your donation.) And it's secure! 

Thanks to everyone who has already donated through PayPal and who set up recurring donations! We appreciate you!

If you prefer to send a check, you can mail it to Springboro Community Assistance Center, P.O. Box 1042, Springboro, Ohio 45066, or stop by with your donation during our distribution hours on Mondays.