More ways to use It Fits! reimbursement benefit
Many of those staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are missing their regular exercise routines, such as going to a gym or group fitness classes. But there are other options for getting started with exercising at home, and being a Fallon member can help. 

Members eligible for an annual It Fits! fitness reimbursement benefit can apply it to any brand of new cardiovascular home fitness equipment purchased within the benefit year, including:

  • Treadmills

  • Elliptical machines

  • Stair climbing machines

  • Stationary cycles

Eligible members can also use It Fits! dollars for streaming instructor-led, on-demand and live-streaming fitness programs and subscriptions—such as Beachbody, Peloton, Daily Burn, etc. Some of these virtual classes also offer a chance to socialize with others, while having a fun and beneficial workout from the comfort of home.
Telehealth coverage for physical, occupational and speech therapy
To ensure that Fallon Health members receive the physical, occupational and speech therapy they need during the pandemic, we are now covering video telehealth visits for these services. All cost sharing for medically necessary telehealth services will be waived. This will be effective while Massachusetts is under a state of emergency.
Free WBJ webcast on "Coping with COVID-19"
The coronavirus pandemic has created a broad array of questions, especially for the business community. To help provide a forum for answering some of them, Fallon Health is proud to be a presenting sponsor of the  Worcester Business Journal's live webcast series Coping with COVID-19 .

On Thursday, April 30, at 1 p.m., Fallon’s Chief Human Resources Officer Jill Lebow will be part of a panel discussion on the WBJ webcast called HR Strategy: Contingency Planning During the Crisis . Panelists will talk about how to manage employees in the short-term and create a best practices framework for planning contingencies over the next six to 12 months.

Discussion topics will also include:

  • Top HR issues facing businesses during the crisis: employees worried about exposure, sickness in your workplace, flexible scheduling to meet distancing guidelines and more.

  • Mid-term planning: Is your current set-up sustainable? What organizational designs make sense beyond the current crisis period?

  • What are the resources you will need to support the different scenarios? What do the numbers look like?

  • Key guidelines for managing staffing to maximize loan forgiveness, for companies that received PPP funding.

  • Q&A session.

Your Sales Executive can provide you with more information.
Health and wellness
Keeping stress at bay during the pandemic
The uncertainty and constant change during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought new and unexpected circumstances to our lives, even as the majority of us are staying at home as much as possible to prevent the spread of the virus.

At Fallon Health, we believe it’s important to continue to focus on health and wellness during this time—and it’s truly essential to manage the stress that can result from these unusual circumstances. Stress can cause physical effects, such as headache, muscle tension, chest pain, fatigue, insomnia and upset stomach. And psychological effects, including anxiety, restlessness, lack of motivation, feelings of being overwhelmed, irritability/anger, sadness/depression and substance misuse.

Some of the resources we have at Fallon Health may be able to help. Please check out our health and wellness flyers and share them with your clients. They include tips for exercising to reduce stress and staying motivated

Tips for working from home
While people who are working from home may feel more protected from the virus, they may still feel unsettled or stressed. Here are some tips to make remote work a little easier:

  • Get into a routine, prioritize tasks and block out your calendar for uninterrupted time to work on projects.

  • Beat distractions by creating a designated work area. Let others at home know you are working and ask them to be respectful and quiet. If you have children, set check in times for them during your working hours. Having healthy snacks and water throughout the day can help you sustain your focus.

  • Adjust your work area to minimize muscle pain and injury. Stand up, stretch and walk around every hour.

  • Check in with co-workers frequently on work issues and to see how they’re doing.

  • Be productive but also take time for yourself to do a quick household chore or simply take a few minutes to relax.
In case you missed it …
Visit our website for previous COVID-19-related messages for employers. We’ve posted PDF versions of the messages for you there.