Here are the instructions for our LIVE streaming yoga classes, taught by our fabulous team! Live Stream classes are priced much lower than the regular classes so you will need to buy new packs or a drop in. If this virus magically disappears and you still have classes left on your pack, we will credit your account with the remaining value.

We have scheduled a morning class every day, and on Thursday a midday and afternoon class. There are evening classes Monday through Thursday, morning classes on the weekend and Family Yoga EVERY Sunday at noon. (See upcoming class list below)

Step 4. Be sure your email and cell phone is in your profile so that we can send you the ZOOM meeting number/link.

Step 5.   Five minutes before class, open the   ZOOM app   if you are streaming from your smartphone, or if you are using your computer, log onto and click "Join Meeting". We will have texted or emailed you the meeting number. 

Step 6. Have your space ready, roll out your mat and enjoy!

P.S. Having the app set up ahead of time, or checking and logging in to website ahead of time will be your best bet to have a seamless live class experience. So, while you have a few moments, get yourself set up! If you have questions, you can contact Mandy @ 201-638-6828 or Soo Yoon via email at and someone will get back to you.

Upcoming Week:

Wed 3/18:
9:30am Beginner Yoga Online with Tori
6:30pm Yogalates (Yoga+Pilates) with Maureen

Thu 3/19:
11:45am Gentle Yoga Online with Jennifer
4:30pm Yoga Nidra Online with Patrice
6:30pm Vinyasa Flow Online with Katie
7:45pm Beginner Yoga Online with Dasi

Fri 3/20:
9:00am Vinyasa Flow Online with Adeline
11:00am Iyengar Yoga Online with Sharon

Sat 3/21:
8:30am Vinyasa Flow Online with Soo

Sun 3/22:
9:00am Hatha Flow Onlie with Soo
12:00pm Family Yoga Online with Maureen

Mon 3/23:
9:00am Hatha Flow Online with Vas
6:30pm Gentle Yoga Online with Abby

Tue: 3/24:
9:00am Vinyasa Flow Online with Soo
6:30pm Hatha Flow Online with Soo

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