Volume 01| May 2019
the power of the present
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I've always considered September a new beginning, like so many it evokes memories of school starting, that anxious excitement that’s elicited by a new beginning. The feelings have always stayed with me. 
I’d like to challenge you to take this new season as a time to consider a new beginning, and suggest taking the time to be in it, to be present, at least for a moment each day. As a society we’re constantly hearing about “mindfulness”, while as a culture we’re typically rushing ahead,(I've already noticed Halloween preparations). We can still think of the past and plan for the future, but please remember the present, is an important place to embrace.   

LIFE is gaining listeners, and for that I thank you! I recently had the opportunity to speak with:
  1. 3 women who shared their fertility journeys. They were open and honest expressing what they and so many experience.
  2. Dr. Jeff Zahn shared insight on his theory Practical Prospectivism, focusing on prospective and choices we make in life
  3. Betsy Campbell, Chief Engagement Officer at the National Infertility Association aka www.resolve.org shared information on the wealth of resources and services they provide.
If you have an opportunity to listen your feedback is appreciated, as well as any suggestions for upcoming topics and guests.
LIFE's library of topics:
  • An Introduction to the LIFE podcastIFE
  • How Food Impacts Our Life, with Dara Godfrey, MS, RD
  • Infertility: The Impact On The Male Partner
  • Pulse Diagnostic, with Dr. Miriam Pineles & Andria Taricani, Practitioners of Acupuncture
  • Unexplained Infertility, with Dr. Sheeva Talebian, MD, Reproductive Endocrinologist\
Newest additions:
  • 3 Women Sharing their Fertility Journey
  • Practical Prospectivism, Dr. Jeffery Zahn, OB Anesthesiologist, Mindfulness Instructor
  • National Infertility Association-Resolve.org with. Betsy Campbell, Chief Engagement Office
Stayed tuned:
  • The Center for Surrogate Parenting with Karen Synesiou the VP Third Party Reproduction
  • How Food Impacts Our Life Part 2 with a focus on Fertility with Dara Godfrey, MS
forgiveness... something to ponder
With everything going on in the world today I thought it was a good time to talk about forgiveness. I find myself talking about people being hurt, wronged and at odds on a regular basis……probably daily in my practice, People are hurt, they’re angry, they feel mistreated or wronged. These feelings touch us is many different ways and on many different levels, whether in relationships, life situations, the state of the world or ourselves.
I'm concerned about the physical and emotional impact on the person holding onto these feelings whether they be anger, sadness, disappointment, hurt, thoughts of punishment, revenge, or simply the rumination of the event. When I’ve suggest forgiveness, it can seem as if I hadn't really understood what was being said, that I just didn’t get it, so the conversation will return to the act and impact of the feeling. Yet, I did indeed understand the situation, the depth and breadth of the feeling. Acknowledging your thoughts and feelings and understanding them allows you to see things in the present, and determine how to proceed. So why forgive? Why let someone or yourself “off the hook”? We all know it’s not that simple. It’s a conscious choice of how you want to live your life
Forgiveness has a bio-psycho-social impact. It can:
·         Decrease depression
·         Lesson anxiety
·         Reduce stress
·         Lower blood pressure
·         Boost immune system
·       Elevate heart health’
·         Raise self esteem
·         Enhance mental heath
·         Improve relationships
The past can be use it to better the present and the trajectory of the future. Forgiveness does not mean rekindling a relationship or forgetting. Forgiveness is about moving forward, it’s about taking control of the impact of the event and making the most of your life today.

a few references(many available ): 
Upcoming Support Groups
Fertility Groups

  • Support for the partner - forming in September
  • General Fertility Support - forming in September
  • Donor Egg & Surrogacy Support - ongoing
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