March 2020
Catholic Charities Bloomington Success Story

Abigail* was referred to Catholic Charities Bloomington (CCB) following a suicide attempt and feeling an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. She struggled on and off with mental illness and ranged between maniac highs and deep lows, and used alcohol to smooth her emotional state.

Abigail had seen other providers but never received an accurate diagnosis. After working with her CCB therapist, she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, which likely went undiagnosed due to her alcohol use which other providers focused on. Abigail says, her therapist "looked deep down inside to bring up things in me that hadn't been brought out before." Abigail was able to get sober without attending Alcoholics Anonymous. She had tried AA before, but experienced guilt and shame for falling off the program.

Therapy has enabled Abigail to start repairing relationships with her adult children. She was recently invited on a trip with her daughter and granddaughter. She hopes to babysit her grandchildren one day. She believes that the more she grows, the more the relationship with her children can grow. Throughout the healing process, Abigail's therapist held the hope until Abigail could also see that things can get better.

Abigail's mental health recovery escalated when she began volunteering. Unemployed when she started therapy, volunteering a few hours a week boosted Abigail's sense of self and accomplishment. Volunteering then transformed to working 3 days a week. Abigail also found the right balance of medications, the CCB Creative Coping group, and the Ravioli Mental Health Recovery group. Now, Abigail is sober, more reliable and performs well at her job. Abigail says her therapist was "the first person to weed through all the clutter to see who I was and what was really going on." That emphasis on being truly seen is the key to understanding how Abigail continues to grow in her recovery.

*name changed for privacy
Becky's Place Success Story

Christina and Cooper* came to Becky's Place after leaving a domestic violence situation. They arrived in May of 2019 and had to overcome quite a few barriers. In the beginning, Christina couldn't process her thoughts or look people in the eye. She had never been a single mother. She was never allowed to make decisions for Cooper or provide consequences when he misbehaved.

Over time, Christina started to gain some confidence and independence and found strength in her faith. She started attending the shelter prayer group and going to church. She began to work on her goals-including obtaining a restraining order. Christina was able to find employment and buy her own vehicle with some guidance from Becky's Place staff. With support, she was able to work on Cooper's behavior and learn how to give consequences.

While in the program, Christina faced some health issues which resulted in her eventually leaving her job. She felt this was a setback, but learned the importance of taking care of herself and was able to receive the treatment she needed. After treatment, she started applying for jobs and chose an employment opportunity that aligned with her career goals. During her stay, The Donica Church of God presented Becky's Place the opportunity to use their parsonage as transitional housing. Christina was the perfect candidate and agreed to accept the new home.

Christina worked the program wonderfully and has made so much personal growth. She continues to be employed at a job she loves. Christina and Cooper are both still involved in church and Becky's Place staff hears from them often. Christina is well on her way to full independence and all her hard work is paying off.

*Names changed for privacy.
2018-19 Annual Report 

Click here to see the full Annual Report. 
Becky's Place Hosts Annual Mardi Gras

The annual Becky's Place Mardi Gras was held on March 7th at the Shamrock Center in Bedford. The night featured a live auction, New Orleans cuisine and a live performance by the Semple Band. Over $50,000 was raised in support of homeless women and children. Thank you to all those that came and supported the event!

Catholic Charities Bloomington Starts Parenting Groups

Catholic Charities Bloomington has started a new Parenting Group. This group is an opportunity for parents to discuss strategies to help foster healthy relationships with their children, so they are better equipped to address issues that arise. Catholic Charities Bloomington has partnered with Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington- Crestmont to be able to offer this opportunity to more families in the community. Contact Catholic Charities Bloomington at 812-332-1262 for more information.
Save the Dates!

Catholic Charities Annual Breakfast Benefit

Date: Tuesday, May 12th
Time: 7:45a.m. - 9:00a.m.
Location: Ivy Tech Bloomington - Shreve Hall 
(200 Daniels Way, Bloomington, IN 47404)
DetailsThis is an opportunity learn about our programs and how they make a difference in the community. The breakfast will feature empowerment poet and Storyteller of the Year award winner, Madison Gonzalez, speaking on her journey out of postpartum depression and anxiety.
Registration can be found here.

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