Dear Friends,

The upsurge of cases and deaths of COVID 19 affects us all. Restrictions are being felt. More adjustments need to be made. As you know, given the spread of the pandemic, we cancelled our projected in-person worship in the church a few weeks ago. Now it is a California state and LA county mandate. In the past few weeks we have begun some transitions and our adjustments have included, recording the Sunday Service from inside the church, praying and preaching behind the altar, adding the Eucharistic prayer, and reducing or simplifying other areas.

Last week, I described a way to receive Holy Communion, at church, after the pre-recorded online stream of worship at 10. Jude+ and I shall continue to offer “Communion under Special Circumstances” (P. 396 in The Book of Common Prayer) at 11:00, 11:15, 11:30 and 11:45 with reservations for the sake of social distancing.

For those who came, the space was safe. Jude+ and I were in masks and 6 feet from the wooden altar in the garden. There were markers on the ground to be able to stand 6-8 feet apart. Masks were required. There was a hand a sanitizing station and each consecrated wafer was in a separate paper cup, spread apart on a tray for the communicant to pick up by themselves.

And… the opportunity to receive the Body of Christ, the Bread of Life, will continue!

Please email or text (310-995-6519), Paula+ with your desired reserved time for Sunday Communion. (11, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45). I will reply to confirm.

But outside worship is our next opportunity to imagine and develop so stay tuned. We shall continue with the livestreamed service at 10 and offer a simplified but complete Holy Eucharist also, probably in front of the church, socially distanced markers, masks required, all the diocesan guidelines adhered to.

May God bless us, guide us, protect us and use us!
With love and care…
310-375 4617 x223.
The Book of ACTS
Tuesday July 21 7:00 pm
Join us! All you need is a Bible.

Quiz Questions
  • What is the difference between the Centurian's Roman citizenship and Paul's Roman Citizenship, and why is that important?
  • How was Paul saved from the mob at the Temple?
  • Who strikes Paul in the Mouth? Why? What was Paul's response?
  • Why does Paul want to be tried in Rome instead of Jerusalem?
  • Describe the shipwreck!!!!
  • Why do you think this last section is one Paul speech after another?

An Invitation to Learn - Update!
By The Rev. Jude Lyons

I have been overwhelmed of late with all the racism resources that appear in my email in-boxes, on social media, on websites, and on screens of all kinds. Perhaps you are overwhelmed too. It is so hard to choose what to focus on or even what to learn from. But, I continue to try to sort it out, and I continue to watch documentaries! This week I include here an interview from the Episcopal News Service as well as a Diocesan letter from Bishop Diane.
I am continuing to gather more materials from the Episcopal Church because I trust them and because they offer varying types of information and levels of engagement. I am also investigating where to put the materials I gather so that all who wish to can have access to them.

Strength for the Journey,
Military Outreach - Outdoor Packing!
Saturday, July 25, noon-2pm
Packing with no wait, no lines, as a family, waiting in your car!
Please remember your mask, there will be sanitizer at each table.

We wish to remember our troops as they keep us safe from year to year.The pandemic does not stop our troops from being deployed.

And thank you!!!
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