SA8000 Newsletter – June 2019
SA8000 hits 4,000 certifications, and keeps growing
This year, SA8000 hit a major milestone, our 4,000th certification! Halfway through 2019, we now have 4,108 certified organizations with over 2 million workers . We continue to see widespread adoption across 57 industries and 62 countries . It is especially exciting to see certifications rapidly increasing in some of our smaller-volume countries, including the United States. We look forward to continued growth and deeper engagement with our certified facilities in the rest of 2019. More detailed certification data is available on the SAAS website .
Changes to Audit Requirements for SA8000
SAI and SAAS have made important updates to the Audit Requirements for SA8000 (Procedure 200). The most significant change will reduce the number of on-site surveillance audits required during the certification cycle and applies to all certified companies. Additional minor changes to the Audit Requirements will only affect certain organizations.

Certified organizations should receive notice from their SA8000 certification body if these changes will affect upcoming audits. Details of these changes can be found on our website .
Coming Soon: SA8000 Online Platform
We are excited to announce that SAI is currently developing a uniform audit tool and online reporting platform for SA8000. The platform will be a centralized location for all SA8000 audit data and will replace the SAI Training Center for all Social Fingerprint assessments and evaluations. The platform will benefit certified organizations by giving them greater access to their audit reports and data, including making it easier to share certification information with buyers or other stakeholders. 

The platform will also greatly improve SAI’s ability to measure and report on social performance across the SA8000 system. We will have more information to share with brands, retailers, governments, and other organizations interested in using or aligning with SA8000. It will also help us detect more quickly and efficiently opportunities to strengthen and improve the Standard. 

We hope to launch the SA8000 Online Platform early in 2020. We will share more information as we get closer to the launch date. 
Resources for Certified Organizations
Upcoming Workshops & Training Opportunities
Reminder to all SA8000-certified organizations: SAI has tools & resources that support continual improvement within the Standard.

Management Systems Introductory Slides & Tools
(In the Self-Assessment Course in the SAI Training Center )

SA8000 Introduction and Basic Auditor Training Course
July 21–25 | Dhaka, Bangladesh
July 22–26 | New York City, USA
July 22–26 | Karachi, Pakistan
August 26–30 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 26–30 | Stockholm, Sweden
September 9–13 | Coimbatore, India
September 16–20 | Guangzhou, China
SA8000 Advanced Lead Auditor Training Course
July 29–31 | Guadalajara, Mexico
August 21–23 | Stockholm, Sweden
September 4–6 | Coimbatore, India
September 18–20 | Madrid, Spain
September 25–27 | Casoria, Italy
September 26–28 | Dhaka, Bangladesh
Introduction to Living Wage
October 1 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
We want to hear from you!
We love to talk with certified organizations about their successes, challenges, and concerns. Send an email to to start a conversation.
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