Finance Community,

As a reminder, changes related to the Common Chart of Accounts project were implemented on July 1. 

There are also some new changes coming up related to the Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA):

  • Function Code 80 for 7xxxx Accounts - CCOA requires all expense accounts to have a function code. Since 7xxxx accounts are set up as expense accounts, to align with this requirement, effective February 1, 2023, 7xxxx Operating Transfer accounts will require the use of Function Code 80. 

  • New ANR Financial Control Account – UCOP has added a new financial control account for transactions with ANR business units at other campuses. Effective July 1, 2023, if you are processing an intercampus transaction with an ANR business unit at another campus, you will need to use a new financial control account 23512 - ANR Financial Control. For intercampus recharge journals, the offset will go to account 98012 – Intercampus Recharge Dr. ANR or 98512 - Intercampus Recharge Cr. ANR.  

Reminders regarding the changes implemented on July 1.

Systemwide Program Code

Campus departments should use chartfield 1 (CF1) codes to record specific UC systemwide program transactions in the general ledger. Examples of such programs include the Natural Reserve System, CA Institute of Quantitative Biosciences (QB3), Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), etc. Please make sure to update your chartstrings and POs to include the new program code CF1.

In order to prepare for the financial reporting requirements mandated by UCOP, for those units/departments/divisions that manage systemwide programs, you must update your FAUs for all open POs within your areas with the CF1 code relevant to the systemwide program being managed. For the full list of programs and CF1 codes (currently 31 available), review the Systemwide Programs List available on the Controller’s Office website. If you manage a systemwide program that is not on this list, no additional steps are required of you at this time.

We highly encourage you to begin this process now because, unfortunately, as a result of the design limitations of our financial systems, when someone makes a change to a PO, this must be done transactionally for each individual PO at the transaction and line level for partially invoiced POs. Our system does not allow you to make these changes as a group. These changes are prospective going forward, so there is no need to change past invoices that have already been paid. To identify the population of POs that must be updated with the relevant CF1 code, you have two options.

  • Cal Answers Purchase Order Summary reports are available which can be queried using the Org Tree parameter (P2P>Operations>Purchase Order Summary). This report will search and provide results by the Org Tree. However, these reports are limited in terms of identifying the PO owner.

  • Alternatively, you can search BearBUY for all open POs by functional code 44 for research-related expenses in combination with Org Nodes used for workflow approval routing (L5 or L4 values depending on what the unit uses in BearBUY). A job aid, developed in partnership with Supply Chain Management is available at this link: Search Aid for Research FAU Changes in BearBUY - 09152022.

Because this is expected to be a time-consuming process, depending on the size of the systemwide program and the number of open POs outstanding, we highly encourage divisions to start this process as soon as possible. We are required to begin reporting effective July 1, 2023, or nine months from today, so there is some time to get through this process. You do not have to report retroactively. We also recommend that divisions scope out any open POs that expire before June 30, 2023. This should further reduce the open POs but this should not give a false sense of security in terms of delaying the start of this important work.

We ask divisions to please do the best they can to update outstanding POs in order to meet the financial reporting obligations to UCOP. Please work with your respective Berkeley Regional Services representatives to ensure this can be accomplished over the next nine months and we thank you for your partnership and understanding.

We understand this is a lot of effort, which is why we made the CF1 codes available beginning in July, one year in advance of the reporting requirements.

Intercampus Recharge Journals

When recording intercampus recharge transactions between UCB and other campuses or UCOP, campus departments should use the new 980xx - Intercampus Recharge Debit and 985xx - Intercampus Recharge Credit series of accounts. 

For transfers of capitalized equipment already recorded to a 54xxx account please work with the Equipment Management team to remove the asset from BETS and process the transfer to another campus or UCOP.

If you need to initiate an intercampus journal for a transaction exempt from indirect cost assessment, please reach out to Controller’s Office at for help in processing the journal.

More information about these changes and the full list of UC systemwide programs is available on the Common Chart of Accounts page on the Controller’s Office website. Please reach out to the Financial Accounting and Controls team with any questions at

Thank you,

Controller’s Office

Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance