This message is being sent as a courtesy to our collaborative partner, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Division of Economic & Housing Stability, Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration.
Updates to the New Hampshire
Connections Information System
To All NHCIS Program Administrators,   
If you are an Administrator, Site Director, Center Director or Family Child Care Provider and you have already accessed your Program Profile in the New Hampshire Connections Information System you are well on your way to apply for the grant with the Grant Application Tile on your Program Profile page. 
For those of you who HAVE NOT accessed your Program Profile and have not received a Welcome Email, we NOW invite you to gain access through the new self-registration process.   

Yes, you can now self-register! This is great news, as you no longer need to look in your email for a welcome email to the system. This Self-Registration Process allows Administrators, Site Directors, Center Directors or Family Child Care Providers to now self-register into their Program Profile and obtain access to NHCIS. In addition, you'll have access to the Grant Application for your program. Please note, if you are a licensed program, you must be the Director/Provider on your program’s license in order to gain access to your program’s profile. 
For those of you that have had an issue with your username, we have successfully updated your username in the system and you should have the ability to self-register too. 
During the registration process, please select Program Administers or Center Director as your role in the NHCIS system.  
To Self-Register, you can do so via the login page at or click here

For those programs with multi-sites, you should have spoken to or will be receiving a call reguarding updates on Executive Program Administrator Access (those overseeing multi-sites/programs) to your sites.
Thank you for your assistance and patience as we navigate the NHCIS. 
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