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Nano coating for plastics repels dirt, dust and stains on packaging!

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Luxury coating for plastic packaging and more
What is it?

It takes good looks and unblemished surfaces on packaging and containers to make brands appear flawlessly upscale, but what can be done to avoid particles and occasional stains that can occur post-production? And is it possible to maintain a like-new pristine appearance through the distribution supply chain and beyond for cosmetics and other premium markets?

The launch of a new product from MetaShield LLC, which specializes in advanced materials, offers an intriguing new option to protect plastic packaging and products start to finish...

Dental Industry
Plaskolite’s line of OPTIX polymers for the production of medical diagnostic devices meet the stringent requirements of USP class VI certification, and comply with U.S. FDA regulations. Specially formulated to resist gamma ray sterilization, ideally suited for use in medical diagnostic applications, including cuvettes, connectors, protective caps and covers.

Quadrant Duratron

Innovating the food and beverage industry

The food production and packaging sector requires, due to the sensitivity of the environment and level of regulation, specific materials, and solutions. Quadrant's product portfolio includes a range of materials specifically developed for food contact. Quadrant's solutions aim at reducing maintenance costs and increase productivity in packaging equipment, also for non-food goods or pharmaceuticals.

Check out the Duratron PEI 1000 which exhibits stiffness and dimensional stability at operating temperatures up to 160 °C. The Duratron PEI 1000 is perfect for replacing a metal assembly that needed more time to disassemble and clean, at the same time offering lower overall costs and food contact compliance.

More than 2000 police officers have been saved through the use of protective vests made with plastic materials.

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