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Hybrid thermoplastics give load floor impact strength

whats the news?
"With goals to absorb higher impact energy while reducing mass and cost for both the rear and front load floors...the decision was made to produce the rear load floor using thermoplastic composites with metallic inserts.


An ambitious multi-year program by Germany’s System integrated Multi-Material Lightweight Design for E-mobility (SMiLE) consortium has developed a demonstrator automotive load floor module that is part of a larger hybrid body-in-white (BIW) structure and that shows great promise for use of composites and non-ferrous metals in a medium-volume production environment.

security applications
TUFFAK Polycarbonate by Plaskolite
Virtually unbreakable TUFFAK polycarbonate sheet maintains an optically clear appearance while providing forced entry and ballistics protection. Sheet products are tested to HP White, UL and ASTM test methods and are an effective first level of defense against attack or unlawful entry giving time for law enforcement officials to gain control. HYGARD products are protected with TUFFAK hardcoat technology.

a closer look at the everyday 
Fluorosint® 135
Quadrant has a large portfolio of products that range from applications in the interior design industry to aviation solutions. Check out their Fluorosint line that is most commonly utilized as a piston ring or a rider bang. The Fluorosint® 135 blend offers high performance at a lower cost. A perfect material for compressor piston rings and rider bands in the chemical industry, Fluorosint® 135 handles service temperatures of 450° F with minimal wear in extreme service environments.

What is the original trademarked name for Acrylic?
The Dupont Corporation created the first acrylic fibers in 1941 and trademarked them under the name "Orlon".
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