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Trends in Reinforced Thermoplastics
whats the news?
As thermoplastic composite materials and processes continue to evolve, their use is expanding into new industries and applications.


For years, reinforced thermoplastics have been used in the automotive market, mostly for non-structural, interior components. But thermoplastic composites are advancing into new applications – and markets – as manufacturers strive for lighter, tougher parts that can be rapidly produced, post-formed and recycled. Learn more about how Thermoplastics are evolving as well as five key trends they are taking to get there. 

safety and security
Plaskolite offers TUFFAK and HYGARD polycarbonate sheets that protect against forced entry attempts or attacks to aesthetics or integrity. The ultimate security product with AR hard-coat technology that provides exceptional resistance for abrasion and UV degradation.

Perfect for applications such as detention facilities with multi-layer construction for security and optics, Booths and shelters for virtually unbreakable protection, as well as use for containment and ballistic security. Each product is tested and certified and meets standards of HP white ASTM and UL. 
a closer look at the everyday 
Implantable Polymers   
Products with proven success

For more than 30 years, Quadrant MediTECH ®  has supplied leading orthopaedic implant manufacturers with premium grade UHMW-PE under the Chirulen ®  and Extrulen TM brand names. Due to their superior physical and mechanical properties, cleanliness and consistency, Chirulen and Extrulen have become the materials of choice for articulating surfaces, helping restore a higher quality of life to millions of patients worldwide.

Check out the Chirulen ®  1020 a compression moulded medical grade UHMW-PE made from GUR ®  1020 raw material. It is used for implants like hip, knee, elbow and shoulder. The product is available in sheets, rods, cut-to-sizes or customized preforms.
A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute.
480 billion plastic drinking bottles were purchased in 2016 across the world — up from 300 billion a decade ago.
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