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Thermoplastics enhancing the Medical Industry
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How trends in healthcare create demand for soft-touch overmoulding
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Through co-injection or insert-molding, a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) overlay is created to enhance an application’s surface. Overmoulding is used to differentiate products. It improves ergonomics and makes products safer. Automakers have known the importance of overmoulding as a way to create a luxurious feel for high-end products. Houseware manufacturers have been attuned to the ergonomic implications. Consumer electronics companies have known the added value that comes with color or texture, and now this process is flowing over to the medical industry. Check out how these plastics are changing the modern day medical industry!

Plaskolite produces a wide variety of sheets that are perfect for the use of signage. Ranging from OPTIX acrylic sheet, Tuffak polycarbonate sheet, VIVAK PETG sheet, or ABS sheet, Plakolite has the segment covered. Check out a detailed look into Plaskolite's sheet portfolio below and don't forget to contact our sign solution group today with any questions or sample requests!   

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Aerospace Solutions

Check out this video and learn more about how Quadrant is changing the Aerospace industry.
Market requirements call for weight reduction to increase fuel efficiency and lower green house gas emissions. High strength to weight materials that are resistant to industry chemicals, offer temperature and wear resistance, and can be efficiently manufactured are part of the Advanced Engineered and General Engineered material portfolio that Quadrant offers to this market.

There are nearly 18,500 plastics facilities in the United States.

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