September 15, 2023

Updating SEP's Impact – New Partners and New Team Members

We're Back

As Stark Education Partnership (SEP) resumes our publication of Issues, we are excited to provide several bits of information that will work together to positively impact our Stark County community by accelerating career-connected learning for students.  

More School & Workforce Partners

SEP is increasing its school partners from nine to 19 for the 2023-24 school year, and increased to 37 the number of workforce partners committed to bringing career connected learning touchpoints to students.

YouScience Implementation: Local partnering high schools will complete the YouScience Aptitude and Career Discovery assessment throughout the first grading period. Completing the assessment early in the school year allows students and educators to better understand their career potential and apply that understanding to both classroom instruction and the selection of career experience opportunities.  

Videos: Video production featuring local employers will increase from five to nine by the end of October. It is anticipated that 12 or more videos will be available for schools to use by Spring of 2024!

Our Team is Growing

Director of Data & Research: Chris Campbell joined the SEP team this summer and is responsible for data collection, data analysis, and data synthesis, including working directly with the YouScience data results. Chris joins the team after serving as an admissions counselor at the University of Mount Union and having been an intern here in SEP several years ago. We welcome him (back) to our team!

Career Champions: It is with enthusiasm and excitement that through a state budget earmark, SEP has employed two individuals to act as Career Champions in our partner high schools. Susan Hayes and Jaecey Hudson work with students to help them develop career readiness and employability skills based on their aptitudes and interests, then mentor students through career-connected learning experiences.

Both Susan and Jaecey are licensed, experienced school counselors. We welcome them to the Stark Education Partnership team!

Year 2 Begins

As SEP begins its second year of career-connected learning implementation (and its first full school year), our drive to help students fulfill their career potential while improving Stark County’s workforce and economy is becoming closer to reality! 

If you would like to contribute to the impactful work of the Stark Education Partnership, please visit our online donation page.

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