NEW Product Release
PythonX® AUTOCAL is an easy solution to resolve torch misalignment that can arise in real-world manufacturing. Collisions occur for various reasons, such as operator or drawing errors and material conditions; the result is torch misalignment. Your shop can lose gained efficiencies, and the momentum of production is compromised. Rework or improper fit-up is the unfortunate result. To speed up the realignment and calibration process, we’ve developed PythonX AUTOCAL. After easy installation of PythonX AUTOCAL on your PythonX STRUCTURAL* when misalignment occurs, the operator can press a button on the HMI. The robot will immediately begin a program to recalibrate. Your PythonX STRUCTURAL is automatically recalibrated and restored to produce the best cut quality in just a few minutes.
  • Automatic calibration of the TCP (Tool Center Point) using non-contact laser
  • Fixes 3D location of TCP in X, Y, Z axes
  • Fixes torch tilt to be perpendicular to the material

  • Accurate cuts
  • Prevention of defective parts
  • Less scrap
  • Less rework
  • Less system downtime
  • Better fit during assembly and erection
What's Included

PythonX AUTOCAL comes unassembled and can be easily installed on a PythonX STRUCTURAL* with our step-by-step installation guide with accompanying videos, tools, and fasteners. Remote Support during the installation is also included.

*PythonX AUTOCAL is currently available only for the second generation PythonX STRUCTURAL.