way to replace your tired & aging Panasonic 103.

We have the   best mounting solution for replacing your old Panasonic 103 with LED panels. As the leaders in mounting direct-view LED, we have  already designed, fabricated, and installed a number of LED mount replacements specifically for the 103. Could yours possibly be next? Take a look at the before and after shots below, and let us know if your project,  could benefit by upgrading to Direct View LED Technology.
Below are a few LED options our clients have used to replace their 103's:

Highlights and Benefits:
  • Extremely simple: remove & replace any Panasonic approved existing mount (using actual Panasonic mounting pucks)
  • Adaptable structure for your choice of any LED manufacturer
  • Almost identical footprint (based on LED selection)
  • Reduced power consumption & increased brightness versus plasma
  • Designed & fabricated in the USA, tailored specifically for you
  • Unrivaled precision engineering by rp Visual Solutions

If you would like to know more about our LED mounting options for the Panasonic 103 or if you have any questions, please  contact us.

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