This Month's Uplift Parent Newsletter includes: campus contacts, flu shots, alumni and current scholar spotlights and what has made Uplift a strong school choice option for 20 years.

A Note from Uplift Education CEO Yasmin Bhatia
Greetings Uplift families,
I have already visited four campuses for my annual town hall appearances across the network. Each year Uplift campuses graciously host me so I can better connect with the unique needs of our individual parent communities. While our communities differ with regard to geography, age, location, size and community demographics, they all share a common trait.  Uplift Education parents chose our schools because they wanted a quality, college preparatory education for their children.  I would like to provide a couple of reminders on what has made Uplift schools a quality college preparatory education for 20 years.

Our commitment to the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum makes Uplift Education one of the largest public school IB options in the nation.  Every Uplift school is either authorized or in the process toward authorization.  We feel IB is the best way to prepare scholars for the global workplace, grow a scholars capacity to think creatively and critically, while setting high standards for academic growth.  Recent authorizations of Uplift schools include: Uplift Peak Primary, Uplift Pinnacle Primary, Uplift Summit Primary, Uplift Hampton Primary, Uplift Luna Primary and Secondary, and Uplift Heights Secondary.  The path to authorization can be a years long rigorous process and we are excited for all of our newly authorized campuses. 

Another differentiation we offer our scholars and families is our unparalleled preparation and focus on college. Beginning in primary, our scholars recognize college as an attainable option for their future after high school.  Scholars entering sixth grade are a part of our  Road to College program which increases college exposure to our middle school and high school scholars. Uplift high school scholars have an opportunity unlike any other school option in our area.  Our Road to College team helps high school scholars with the process of getting to college and persisting through college.  With the support of campus Road to College counselors, scholars navigate the college application process, obtain grants and scholarships, and receive ongoing support to persist through college. 

At Uplift, our goal is college success for all scholars.  We feel our flagship Road to College program in association with an IB curricular framework, prepares our scholars to be successful in college and beyond.  Thank you for your dedication to your child's education and for all of the dedication you show to your children.

Yasmin Bhatia
Chief Executive Officer 
Uplift Education

Lunch Application Announcement

Parents, please take this simple action that will take 5 minutes of your time and will help your school receive needed funds: Please complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Application  today.  Even if you think your family doesn't meet the criteria, or you were declined in the past, recent changes might allow you to take advantage of this cost savings benefit. 

The applications that you submit are confidential and your specific information will not be attributed publicly to your child. Families who don't take part in the school lunch program should still fill out an application. Your completed application could still help us fund programs that impact your scholar. 

So far this year, we've received 1,000 fewer lunch forms than last school year and if we don't close that gap, it could mean our campuses would miss out on $1.3M of federal funding that goes towards supporting our instructional staff and programs.  Please help us by submitting your form if you have not already done so.

Parent Calendar

It was recently brought to our attention that there was a discrepancy in two half days listed on the Uplift Parent Calendar. October 6th and March 9th are both full days of school for scholars, faculty and staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause. If you have any questions, please contact your school's leadership team.  

The Updated School Calendar is attached below for your reference.  Thank you.

Nurse's Corner

When scholars wake up with sneezing, coughing, aches and fever it is important to know the difference between the common cold and influenza (flu).
The cold usually begins with a sore throat, followed by runny nose, congestion and a cough.  At times children exhibit a slight fever but nothing over 101 degrees.  Symptoms last for about a week and are not usually serious.

Flu symptoms are much more severe than the cold and come on quickly.  A sore throat or cough quickly leads to high fever and muscle aches within hours. Symptoms usually last for two to five days but it is not uncommon to feel rundown for a week or more. Fever and aches associated with the flu make it difficult to move or function during the day and pneumonia can be a complication as a result.

To prevent the spread of influenza on our campuses and in our households, we've teamed up with CareVan to offer free flu vaccines to eligible scholars. Consent forms and packets will be sent home with your scholar over the next couple of weeks.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this free service, please complete the immunization consent form and return it to your campus nurse.  
School Free Flu Vaccine Date
Uplift Gradus
Uplift Hampton 
Uplift Pinnacle
October 3rd
Uplift Grand 
Uplift Summit
October 4th
Uplift Heights 
Uplift Infinity
October 6th
Uplift Luna 
Uplift Peak
October 11th
Uplift Mighty
Uplift Meridian
October 13th
Uplift North Hills October 14th
Uplift Triumph
Uplift Williams
October 18th

Who do I contact at my school?

Now that the school year is well underway, parents might be wondering how they can best communicate their needs to teachers, school employees and administrators. Below is a list of the top six parent contacts on our campuses, the reasons parents might contact them, along with links to more information.

1) Teacher: Teachers are available to answer the majority of questions regarding a scholar. Examples include: field trips, questions about testing, scholar discipline or updates on scholar progress.  Teacher contact information should have been provided at the beginning of school but contact information is available on the Uplift App (Download on  Google Play or  Apple Store), or parents can reach out to the front desk to obtain contact information.

2) School Director: Reach out to the school director if a breakdown occurs in communication with a teacher, questions arise about curriculum or instructional priorities, or with scholar concerns regarding additional instructional support. 

3) Operations Director: Our operations directors handle communication breakdowns that occur with the front office staff, questions regarding security or facilities, or inquiries about carline.  Individual school directors and operations leadership contact information can be found here.

4) Community Engagement and Enrollment Coordinator: Questions about re-enrollment, the admissions process or parent engagement initiatives on campus.

Campus Name CEEC Applications email Campus Number Extension
Uplift Gradus (South Dallas) Teresa Varona 214-451-5551 x2106
Uplift Grand (Grand Prairie) Yesenia Carrizales (972) 854-0600 x4019
Uplift Hampton (South Dallas) Arliscia Harris 972-421-1982 x2362
Uplift Heights (West Dallas) Monique Mojica (K-5)     214-873-9700
Uplift Heights (West Dallas) Abby Ledesma (6-12) 214-442-7094
Uplift Infinity (South Irving) Taylor Hawk 469-621-9200 x 2116
Uplift Luna (Downtown Dallas) Doris Enriquez (K-5) 214-442-7882 x2663
Uplift Luna (Downtown Dallas) Alicia Cardozo (6-12) 214-445-3300 x3637
Uplift Meridian (Fort Worth, TX) Harry Trujillo 817-288-1700 x1047
Uplift Mighty (Fort Worth, TX) Delilah Almaguer 817-288-3800 x2193
Uplift North Hills (North Irving) Sharon Harman 972-501-0645 x3515
Uplift Peak (East Dallas) MariCarmen Corona 214-276-0879 x2906
Uplift Pinnacle (Oak Cliff) John Gonzalez 214-442-6100 x2012
Uplift Summit International (Arlington, TX) Vernetta Willis 817-287-5121 x2654
Uplift Triumph (Bachman Lake) Erica Garcia 972-590-5100 x2107
Uplift Williams (Love Field) Lorena Guerrero 214-276-0352

5) Kitchen Manager: Questions about lunch balances, free and reduced meal applications, or scholar lunches.  

Campus Kitchen Manager E-Mail
Uplift Gradus Rayshonder Christian
Uplift Grand Eulalia Acosta
Uplift Hampton Rhonda Hines 
Uplift Heights Primary Tressia Nelson 
Uplift Heights Secondary Nicole Rattler 
Uplift Infinity Teandre Snow 
Uplift Luna Primary Alex Sangama
Uplift Luna Secondary Ira Everette
Uplift Meridian Delia Gonzalez
Uplift Mighty Jose Aquino
Uplift Peak Erin Peck
Uplift Pinnacle Claudia Perez
Uplift Summit Pamela Offord
Uplift Triumph Rafaela Cabrera
Uplift Williams Judith Powe


6) Front Office: When all else fails, our friendly front office staff is there to help parents get to the right person.  
Alumni Spotlight

Kevin Valadez began at Uplift Summit as an 8th grader. The school was new to the community but Valadez's mother thought it would be a good opportunity for her son. He recalls his first year at Uplift Summit his classes were in portables. The then teen remembers thinkin g it was a big change from his old... Read More

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

This month Social Counselors delivered guidance lessons on Motivation to Achieve across the network.  These lessons  focused on helping scholars to develop their own academic potential, take advantage of educational opportunities, identify interesting career opportunities,  and develop leadership skills.  

Challenges with academic motivation are one of the most common reasons for referral to the Social Counselor.  This is also a concern that may be seen throughout the year by parents and teachers.  Social Counselors may work with scholars individually to focus on developing internal (intrinsic) motivation.  A scholar who is intrinsically motivated finds joy in the process of completing a task and learning while a scholar who is externally (extrinsically) motivated focuses on parent approval, grades, or rewards.   Research has shown that intrinsic motivation may lead to greater success and is more effective than extrinsic motivation long term.

Parents are an important factor in increasing scholar motivation.  The following is a list of actions that can help strengthen a child's motivation to learn and achieve:
  1. Provide a supportive and accepting environment at home.
  2. Emphasize the child's effort and progress rather than performance.
  3. Show your value for learning by sharing your interests, going to the library together, exploring new subjects, etc.
  4. Ask about what your child is learning in school and not only focusing on their grades.
  5. Get involved with your child's school.
  6. Encourage your child to discuss their opinions, explore their feelings, and make decisions.
  7. Celebrate achievements, no matter how small.
  8. Encourage daily reading time independently or together.
  9. Focus on strengths, encouraging developing talents and building on the student's interests.
The following articles may be referenced for more information:


Scholar Spotlight

Uplift Luna scholar, Daniel Chairez is interested in pursuing a career in marketing. The senior was one of several Uplift scholars selected for the Dallas Mayor's Intern Fellows Program. Chairez went through a round of interviews during the Mayor's Intern Fellows Program job fair. He stepped into his first interview... Read More 

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