Daily Deed Ideas

  • Call/text/email your priest
  • Send spiritual bouquets to him
  • Drop off popcorn and snacks for movie night
  • Send him drawings or paintings by children
  • Pray, fast, and offer sacrifices for him
  • Send him an Amazon or restaurant gift card
  • Make a family video message/song of affirmation for him
  • Create a sidewalk message in front of church/rectory
  • Post picture of your family with your priest
  • Drop off or have dinner/lunch delivered
  • Send financial support to the parish, if able
  • Hold a "Parade of Love" for him
  • Challenge 3 families/individuals to pray a Rosary for him (think Ice Bucket Challenge on social media)
  • Invite him and other people or families for a digital "gathering"
  • Write him a letter thanking him for his sacrifices
  • Deliver any protective gear or cleaning supplies he may need

When posting on Social Media, consider:
1.    Use Social Media Frame on Facebook Uplift Your Priest
2.    Tag Vocation Ministry in your Facebook/Instagram Posts
3.    Use the Hashtags #Upliftyourpriest #Vocationministry #Bethelight