Important Reminder:
To All Shipping Managers, Shippers & Curative Clearing Teams
Keeping acceptable turn-times for initial file review and review of curative items is important to us, and we know it is equally important to our lenders.

We’ve identified an area that continues to cause delays in clearing files for purchase. Lenders upload curative items but routinely fail to send the email notification to notifying the review team.

This is a designated email box that serves as the only notification the team receives. If they do not receive an email, the conditions sit there unreviewed. This costs time and money for all involved when lenders are required to follow up to find out why the conditions have not been reviewed well past the desired turn time.

We ask that shipping managers, supervisors, and other applicable staff review this process with all shipping/closed loan delivery staff/clearing teams.

Penalty fees that result from delayed review times caused when no email notification is sent to will not be waived.  
If you have any questions about this information, please contact Lisa Treece at .