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February 19, 2018

Upper Kirby Construction
Updates for Westheimer, Bissonnet, and Eastside for 2018!

Westheimer Storm Drainage and Street Reconstruction:

Westheimer Road improvements are moving forward this week with continued installation of   landscape along all sections of Westheimer. This includes new river rock beds at street intersections(pictured).

This week concrete work will be occurring at the 2900 block of Westheimer at the River Oaks Village Shopping Center. New driveway access and lighting modifications are underway. 
For the remainder of the month of February, work will  include installation of pedestrian benches and trash receptacles.

To everyone's much awaited anticipation, the new pedestrian and traffic lighting all along the corridor will be active later this week.

Bissonnet Storm Drainage  and Street Reconstruction:

Crews along Bissonnet will be busy this week if the weather cooperates. 
Work will continue in installing new pavement and utilities adjacent to the Belmont Apartments. Please expect slow traffic in this area.

Westbound traffic has been closed (pictured) from Wakeforest Avenue and diverted to eastbound lanes all the way to Buffalo Speedway. Traffic is running in both directions in this area until you reach Buffalo Speedway.

New pavement has recently been installed on the eastbound lane past Dincans Street. Traffic is still reduced to a single lane as crews work on the left turn lane and center median approaching Kirby Drive.

Please be aware of construction crews and all temporary traffic signs on Bissonnet as they do change from day to day. 

Eastside Street Utility and Streetscape Improvements:

Work along all sections of  Eastside Street will be busy the next two weeks. 

The northern end of Eastside Street adjacent to Lamar High School recently received new roadway installation (pictured right).  New sidewalk installation and lighting are beginning this week.

Just north of Richmond Avenue, crews have begun street and sidewalk improvements  beginning with demolition and excavation of the north bound lane (pictured below). The north bound lane will be closed for construction although two way traffic will remain. Please avoid any on-street parking in this area. 

Lastly, work adjacent to Levy Park and  south cul-de-sac has re-started this week. Construction of pedestrian sidewalks and electrical work for new street lighting and walkway lighting began last week and  continues into next week. Please be aware that this section will remain reduced to a single lane in each direction. 

Traffic lane closures for this week on Eastside Street include:
1. Eastside Street between Westheimer and  Alabama will be closed to traffic until March 24, 2018.

 IH 69 Southwest Freeway at the IH 610 West Loop ****Update****

IH 610 Southbound Frontage Road, north of Westpark Dr. : The current "Left Lane Must Turn Left" configuration will remain thru 5:00 AM on Saturday, July 28, 2018.
IH 610 Southbound Frontage Road between Westpark Dr. and Fournace Pl. : 1 Alternate Lane remains closed continuously through 5:00 AM on Saturday, July 28, 2018.

IH 610 Southbound Exit to Fournace Pl. :   Total Closure Continuously through 5:00 AM on Monday, 02.12.18
These closures have been input into the TxDOT system and can be found at

IH 69 Southwest Freeway Express/HOV Lanes Entrance and Exit to Westpark :   Total Closure Continuously starting at the close of Express/HOV Lanes Operations on Friday, 02.16.18

For more information on Upper Kirby construction and related activities or for construction related issues or concerns, please contact Lee Cisneros at 713.524.8000 or  lee @upperkirby.org.   
If you have a new business, development or community event that you would like included in the monthly Upper Kirby news, please contact us at 713.524.8000 or submit to streettalk@upperkirby.org
Requests will be posted subject to space availability and appropriateness of content.

Photo Credit: Morris Malakoff 
courtesy of Levy Park Conservancy
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