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January 20, 2017

Upper Kirby Construction
Wet Week for Roadwork  

Westheimer Reconstruction: Kirby to Buffalo Speedway
New Concrete Between Kirby and Bellemeade

Severe weather Wednesday has slowed roadwork throughout the District. Thankfully crews poured the main lanes on Westheimer last week and this rain event will have no impact on the schedule for opening the roadway to traffic for the two weeks leading up to Super Bowl weekend.  Storm sewer lateral line installation on Bammel, however, did lose at least one day due to rain.

Crews spent the dry days Monday and Tuesday of this week cleaning up the Westheimer site and placing temporary transition material while the concrete fully cures. Lane striping will be placed shortly and crews do not expect any problems having lanes reopened by the end of the weekend. 

Once Westheimer lanes are open, crews will be allowed to make storm connections at Alabama and Sackett. This will impact a lane of east/west traffic on Alabama for approximately 3 days. This work could begin as early as Monday, January 23. Once the connection is complete, temporary surface will be placed over the impacted area and crews will move off of Alabama. 

The City has mandated that no major thoroughfare construction be underway for the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl in early February, so this project will demobilize between January 23 and February 7. At that point, storm sewer work will progress from Bellemeade to Buffalo Speedway. Crews will also come back to the first phase between Kirby and Bellemeade to complete driveway and sidewalk construction. Driveway work in this area will have minimal impact on lanes during off-peak hours. 

Work will continue on Bammel over the next month placing storm sewer between Westheimer and West Alabama and restoring the impacted area. Sackett between Westheimer and Alabama will follow closely behind with a similar scope of work. Look for further updates as this schedule is finalized. 

Timing on this project has been coordinated closely with Lamar High School as it will also be undergoing a large construction project during the same period. Lamar will be using Westheimer for bus pickup and drop-off during its construction, and so, it will be important for Westheimer work to progress fast enough to flip work to the south side of the road from Buffalo Speedway past the school by June. This will allow the contractor to cross the school over the summer months when there will be no bus or student traffic to contend with.  
Look for further updates as this project progresses.

Westheimer Reconstruction: Kirby to Shepherd

Traffic signal work was completed at the Shepherd/Westheimer intersection over the weekend of December 17. Permanent signals are up and temporary poles have been removed. 

Final restoration behind the curb at the intersection and down the street still remains to be completed around existing CenterPoint poles slated for removal. 

Correction: In last week's newsletter, it was reported that Comcast and CenterPoint facilities still remain on the poles in question. CenterPoint has, in fact, completed its removal of power from the poles between Kirby and Shepherd and has topped off all poles with the exception of three just west of Greenbriar. CenterPoint facilities do, however, remain on the overhead poles west of Kirby to Buffalo Speedway. Here CenterPoint has not topped poles because it is not finished with all transfer feeds required to remove its facilities.  

Comcast facilities are, however, still on poles between Buffalo Speedway and Shepherd and final pole removal cannot take place anywhere until Comcast has completed their their work. Comcast has not committed to a schedule for removal between Buffalo Speedway and Shepherd and CenterPoint has not committed to a schedule west of Kirby.  Look for further updates as these schedules are made available. 

Bissonnet Reconstruction:  Kirby to Buffalo Speedway 

Bissonnet reconstruction work was completed between Kirby and Dincans on December 19 and reopened to the traveling public. The remainder of the project, including the north side of the roadway between Dincans and Buffalo Speedway and the south side of the roadway between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway will be rebid for construction in the first quarter of 2017. 

For more information on Upper Kirby construction and related activities or for construction related issues or concerns, please contact Travis Younkin at 713.524.8000 or  travis@upperkirby.org.   
Levy Park
Heavy Rains hit Levy Hard

Rain Garden Lives up to its Name
It has been a rough week for construction projects throughout Houston and Levy Park is no exception. Heavy rains in the early morning hours Wednesday and continued wet conditions Thursday and Friday have significantly slowed progress. 

Crews have spent time this week de-watering sensitive areas of the park and drying out structures that took on water. While actual damage estimated is minimal, major efforts scheduled for this week such as artificial turf installation and significant electrical work have been put on hold. 

Event Lawn Wednesday Morning

With dry conditions projected over the weekend and into next week, crews intend to work later days as well as on Sunday to make up for some of the lost time. 

Look for further updates on progress next week. 
Grand Opening February 25

The Levy Park Grand Opening celebration has been scheduled for Saturday, February 25. Programming partners will be in attendance to offer a glimpse of the full schedule of daily, weekly and seasonal performances, programs and classes to be offered. Plan for a full day of fun, food and entertainment at Levy Park. 

Want to be Part of the Levy Park Team?

Levy Park Conservancy (LPC) is seeking part-time (8-20 hours/week) Program Attendants for the redeveloped Levy Park in central Houston. 

LPC's vision for Levy Park is an active, vibrant "town square" that will host hundreds of programs and events per year, ranging from fitness classes to concerts for up to 3,000 people.  LPC has studied great public parks across the country and plans to bring best practices to the park's operations, programming, landscaping, and maintenance; Levy Park will be run to the highest standards for an urban public space.

For more information about this role and the desired skills and experience, please email Nicole Romano ( nromano@levyparkhouston.org ) with the subject line "Program Attendant."

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