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September 1, 2017

Upper Kirby Construction
Westheimer Moving Along; Bissonnet to Begin this Week
Westheimer Storm Drainage and Street Reconstruction:

Work on Westheimer is back in full swing following the storm. This week, crews have been working to progress pavement installation between Kirby and Eastside. The section between Ferndale and Sackett was completed yesterday. Curb and gutter work, pavement installation west of Sackett and driveway installation will continue over the next few weeks. 

Bissonnet Storm Drainage  and Street Reconstruction:

Work on Bissonnet between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway will begin next week with demolition efforts through about 400 feet of roadway just east of Buffalo Speedway. Crews will begin here on the outside lanes of the roadway, allowing one lane eastbound and one lane westbound separated by the existing esplanade. 

The contractor will also be pursuing approval from the City of Houston to work concurrently on the south side of the roadway between Kirby and Wakeforest. Due to the preservation of existing medians on this project, traffic transitions must take place at existing median openings. In many cases, a longer construction zone is less disruptive than an awkward transition from one side of the road to the other through these openings. Look for further updates as work sequencing is finalized. 

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Photo Credit: Morris Malakoff 
courtesy of Levy Park Conservancy
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