January 1, 2021

Dear Upper School Families,

Happy New Year! We hope the last couple of weeks have been restful and that your families got to enjoy the brief but robust snowfall we experienced mid-break.

School will resume on Monday, January 4th, in the 50% hybrid model. Below is the schedule of Maroon and Gray days for the first two weeks back.
Schedule Jan 4-15
Boxed lunches will continue to be offered upon our return from break (see menu link). As we did in December, students may opt to bring their own lunch from home or they may eat the sandwiches offered at school. Seniors may also continue to get lunch off-campus via takeout.

Please note that Wednesday, January 13th, is a regular school day for middle and upper school students. The Lower School will NOT be in session as teachers in that division will have a faculty collaboration day. The next faculty collaboration day for lower, middle and upper school teachers will be on Wednesday, February 24th.

Grades/Report Cards
Semester 1 (S1) grades will appear within our MySchoolApp after 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 6th. Teacher comments will accompany any S1 grades of C+ or below.

Should you have a change or update to the attendance model your children were following prior to break, please inform Jennifer Lange in the US office at langej@columbusacademy.org. Similarly, if your children stay home to attend school online on a day their groups are assigned to come and we would anticipate seeing them in person, please contact our office.

Here’s to a new year and the start of a fresh semester. We look forward to seeing your children when we return this week!


Head of Upper School