January 15, 2021

Dear Upper School Families,

As we roll into mid-January, it’s safe to say we’ve found our groove for being back in school. The two dress down days at the start of this past week certainly helped! 

Below is the schedule grid for the next three weeks. Note: you’ll see a stretch of three gray days in a row from January 29th through February 2nd. This is purposeful. Due to the way certain elective classes rotate in the schedule, it allows students attending in the hybrid model to now be in person for some of them.
Schedule Jan15-Feb5
We are continuing with boxed lunches with the additions of some items such as soups, chili and occasionally some hot sandwiches. Also, there will be many Fridays this winter when our Parents’ Association has graciously ordered a food truck to be present for those upper-schoolers who would like to get a little something different to eat. They are sent an email mid-week from a class officer making them aware of the vendor and reminding them that students must pay for any meals they order.

Your continued partnership with contacting our US office to update your children’s attendance is much appreciated. Please include Jennifer Lange (langej@columbusacademy.org) on any and all attendance-related emails.

Stay warm and be well,

Head of Upper School