April 15, 2022
Dear Families of Students in Grades 8-11,
As the end of the school year gets closer, the Reinberger Libraries begin planning for summer reading. Upper School summer reading is designed to encourage reading as a fulfilling and pleasurable activity, modeled by the faculty. It also helps to maintain reading skills and reduce the effect of the “summer slide.” Students are only required to read one book in Upper School, but we hope that they will use some of their extra time in the summer to read many more. The range of nominations take into consideration the varied interests, abilities, learning styles and maturity levels of the students served as well as provide varying levels of difficulty, appeal and points of view that are reflective of the pluralistic nature of a global society.
This year, we launched the nominations to students on Monday, April 11 (rising grades 10-12), and Wednesday, April 13 (rising grade 9). Nominated titles, book covers and links to reviews are located on the Summer Reading website, which is also available under Upper School Resources on the Family Resources Page of the school’s website if families would like to peruse the list with their children. Physical books are also on display in the Upper School Library for students to browse.
Although nominations have a high degree of potential reader appeal, ours is a student-focused model, so the final summer reading selections are determined by student choice. These choices are due by Sunday, April 24, which provides students nearly two weeks to browse and research the nominations. The website will be updated by early May after these selections are determined and again by June 3 after assignments for each book are posted. Students will have received their assignments in late May when they have the opportunity to meet their faculty/staff discussion group leader and other group members.
Summer reading nominations are often highly anticipated by students each year, so we hope that you might also find a title or two that you’d like to read this summer as well.
Upper School Librarian