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February 16, 2018  -  Terumah

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D'var Torah
by Rabbi Dov Huff  

In the past we have discussed the oddity of celebrating Rosh Hashanah in Tishrei - the seventh month - as opposed to celebrating in the first month of Nissan. This discrepancy points to the distinct natures of these two roshei shanah. The universal one of Tishrei is appropriately set at the start of the agricultural season, in which the entire world is judged. And the particular
Rosh Hashanah of Nissan is unique to Am Yisrael, celebrating the transformation of our family into a nation as we left Mitzrayim and received the Torah. 
The Netziv adds another level of parallel between the two. An integral part of the Rosh Hashanah of Tishrei is the build-up. The introspection, the recitation of selichot, and the anticipation all begin in Elul. The universal day of judgment requires a month of appropriate preparation.   
And what is the parallel preparation period for our particular Rosh Hashanah of Nissan? The month of Adar. What is the nature of the month of Adar, and how is it aligned with the themes of Nissan? The Netziv explains that to prepare for a celebration of our national identity, we spend a month becoming community-minded. We give matanot l'evyonim and re-enforce our bonds with friends and family through mishloach manot and seudat Purim
This is also seen in the mitzvah of machatzit hashekel, which we read about last Shabbos. It is announced on Rosh Chodesh Adar and given mid-month. This half shekel goes to the communal sacrifices of the Beit Hamikdash. It is our ante, our annual buy-in to the Jewish community as we tether ourselves to the values and fate of Am Yisrael. Through this mitzvah we recommit ourselves to our people by supporting the daily workings of the Beit Hamikdash - rededicating ourselves to our Jewish communal insititutions, which breathe spiritual life into our vibrant communities.  Appropriately, it is in this month of Adar that we will be celebrating the 80th year of Maimonides School.
In essence, Adar represents a time in which we recommit to Am Yisrael. A time in which we do the necessary maintenance to strengthen our bonds and our communities. A time to do all the necessary touch-ups so that with the arrival of Nissan we are ready to start anew - to celebrate our national identity with renewed vigor and pride .
Thoughts of the Rav 

by Rabbi David Saltzman

The Rav asks what he calls an obvious question: Why was the Mishkan necessary? Why did G-d need a home? The Rav answers that G-d does not need a home. On the contrary, G-d contracts Himself - He limits Himself from infinity down to a finite small house, and resides between the keruvim.
The Mishkan is really for man. It's a home for man, who is a homeless being. Being homeless means that man is exposed to nature and to a future which he cannot foresee. Humans have the ability to anticipate the future, but that sometimes causes endless suffering, as we constantly think about an event that might happen or which is destined to happen.
A bayit - a home in which man lives - can never offer man total security. There is only one home that can truly provide security. That is Hashem, who is called makomo shel olam - that is to say, the universe is within G-d. The only home where man can find security is within G-d.
The Mishkan therefore was built to provide man with a home, offered by the Almighty, where he can be close to G-d and feel that he is protected by His guiding hand.  
English-Science Writing Workshops Continue
Our Science-English Writing Workshops continued this week as Dr. Gordon, Dr. Hamilton, and Ms. Gibbens provided an interdisciplinary look at how Science and English demand a similar set of summarizing techniques. PB & J sandwich making was an intergral part of this workshop.

Maimo Diplomats at Y.U. Model U.N.
This week Maimo once again sent a delegation to the Yeshiva University Model United Nations (YUNMUN). YUNMUN is a student-run simulation of the workings of the real United Nations that gives students an opportunity to experience and learn about the complex landscape of international diplomacy. 

Special recognition went to Ayelet Fried for best delegate on her committee, and to Reva Sanders who received an honorable mention for her work on her committee.

Senior M-Cats Honored
Senior members of our girls' and boys' varsity basketball teams were honored this week by their team members, families, and fans. 

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