News from our President Debbie Eastburn
March 2020
Dear Friends,

Our virtual doors are OPEN! Over the last two weeks, working remotely, Chess in the Schools has risen to the challenge of changing everything about how and where we do our work, but not what we do. Our name may be Chess in the Schools, but now with our help, CIS students are learning at home.

From my home, to yours, here is a newsletter to show you how we are "upping our game" at CIS. Coronavirus isn't stopping us and we've heard from many partners who are stepping up their support. I am grateful for our ever-widening circle of friends who empower the work we do to educate children. Our students thank us every day - and that means they are thanking YOU!

Kind regards,
P.S. Are you up for a game? Join in our 6 PM Blitz events on Lichess. All ages and skill levels are welcome! Details on our website.
Online Study
Ella at computer
Chess books
David Pozo
CIS School Program - at Home
Practicing a CIS lesson with Dad
Remote learning for our students is happening! Schools are providing our instructors with access to their online portals like Google Classroom and Classroom Dojo. Our instructors are posting CIS lessons and resources on their schools' online portals daily.

Ron and all of the instructors are using Zoom meetings to check in with the office and share tips. CIS Chromebooks have been crucial to instructors’ access to our shared curriculum and communications. They are well-equipped for this new challenge.

CIS Tournaments - LIVE! at Home
Chess in the Schools is proud to be able to keep our events going strong through online portals. With the help of the platforms Lichess, ChessKid, and Chess24, Shaun is offering  daily  online tournaments for our club students and tournament players. Our Saturday tournaments are continuing too. Check our  website  for details and sign-up info: 

  • 3PM Daily Blitz Tournaments on Chess24 (Monday – Friday) 
  • 6PM Daily Blitz Tournaments on Lichess (Monday – Friday) 
  • 2020 CIS Council Member Ben Kallos Online Chess Challenge on Chess24, Saturday, March 28, 2020 
  • 2020 CIS Council Member Mathieu Eugene Online Chess Challenge on Chess24, Saturday, April 4, 2020
College Bound - Remote and Close

Chano and Will are working hard to provide the College Bound (CB) students with the community, enrichment, and college guidance they need. Each grade has a dedicated platform on Google Hangout or Google Classroom where students keep in touch with CB staff and peers. Through these platforms students receive program updates, as well as college and career readiness tools and activities. 

For our 12th graders, Chano is offering additional support for their individual college. We connect with them through email, text, and video chats. This is a crucial time for seniors to understand the college decisions they are receiving, as well as the financial aid packages. Now more than ever, we are committed to supporting students in their journey to make informed college choices and prepare for their transition to college. 

CB chess continues every day with the help of digital learning resources. Each student has a Pro membership to Chessable, an online learning site that allows students to use a computer trainer to learn tactics, openings, endgames, and general lessons.  We have 60-80 students participating in the Daily Blitz events on Lichess every evening. We have plans to utilize Zoom for group lessons and look forward to doing a video lesson every Thursday.
Learn more about our work here.
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Chess is the perfect at-home activity -- it's like exercise for your brain!
During this time of social distancing and isolation, it can also help you cope with stress.
Check out our social media for invitations to tournaments, chess puzzles as well as our program updates.