January 13, 2022 Vol. 12, Issue 1
A Chance to Make a Difference

Written By: Jerry Smith, SCORE Mentor

Who doesn’t remember the person who was a major influence on their career – a teacher, a first boss, a wise colleague? They are never forgotten, and that person also gets to feel the gratification that comes with knowing they had a meaningful, long-term impact on another human being.

What if you could be the one who has the opportunity to have a significant impact on a person who is starting out in a new business career? You can, by becoming a part-time volunteer in Piedmont SCORE!

PWCC Senior Wellness and Development Program

Written By: Randy Jackson, Executive Director

Phillis Wheatley Community Center (PWCC) founder, Hattie Logan Duckett’s mission in life was to help uplift those who were less fortunate, and the fruits of her labor are seen today in the activities and impact of the PWCC. This center has played a vital role in developing the social, economic, and artistic skills of the people of Greenville, South Carolina, for more than 100 years. It is seen also in the PWCC Community Senior Wellness and Development Program.

The Community Senior Wellness and Development Program

The Community Senior Wellness and Development Program is designed to meet the six dimensions of wellness – Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Vocational to promote and improve the health and quality of life of the senior citizens (aged 55+) within Nicholtown and other Upstate communities.

The program is voluntary and aims to serve as a baseline measurement to determine physical progress, evaluate residential needs, and serve as a reference point to participate in wellness and educational classes to assist in improving the overall training, flexibility, and independent lifestyle.

January 15th
Camperdown Plaza

January 20th
Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery & Winery

January 22nd
Humble Grounds

MLK Day of Service : County-wide Litter Cleanup
BMW Charity Pro-Am and Litter Ends Here

E-Waste Drive
BMW Charity Pro-Am

The State of Philanthropic Giving in the Southeast
Spartanburg County Foundation