April 22, 2021, Vol. 11, Issue 8
Drive Baseball Returns To Downtown Greenville On May 4th

Written By: Jeff Brown, Greenville Drive

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. With apologies to Charles Dickens, that pretty much sums up all of 2020 for the Greenville Drive.

The year started with such promise as our 15th anniversary season was all set to spring into action. Events, celebrations, stadium upgrades were all planned and ready to go.

And then March came and, well, you know the rest.

But now it’s 2021. And baseball is back. Let’s say that again. Baseball is back. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Now, given the pandemic, the 2021 Drive season won’t be 100% as they were, at least to start. Initially, we’ll operate Fluor Field at a 50% capacity consistent with South Carolina guidelines. The hope is that this number grows as the vaccine gets into more arms and the virus diminishes. Like the rest of Major & Minor League baseball, masks will be required and social distancing rules in place.

Focus on the Future – Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

Written By: Focus on the Future Panelists

It has now been a year since the initial steps to slow the pandemic were implemented. We asked our Focus on the Future panelists if the pandemic impacted immediate events and investments within their organization, the current status of the economy within their sector and what they see as potential long-term impacts resulting from the pandemic and economic crisis. 

Has your business or organization postponed a major investment or event over the last year? If so, are you looking at moving forward with it in the coming months? What are some of the factors behind your plans?

Our law firm has not postponed anything. As a legislator, I stopped any public events. I plan to venture out in the public more now that I am vaccinated. However, I am still concerned about being a spreader considering how many people I meet. The studies look promising and I hope it becomes fact that once vaccinated, the risk is low to be a spreader. – Neal Collins, SC House of Representatives

Not major investments, but we eliminated several significant GADC in-person events like groundbreakings, industry announcements and investor meetings. We announced several benchmark projects in 2020 that weren’t given the normally enthusiastic “Welcome to Greenville”. We look forward to the chance to gather in person again and will follow state and local recommendations and safety protocols. – Mark Farris, Greenville Area Development Corporation (GADC)

APRIL 29 - MAY 1
Downtown Abbeville

Fluor Field

MAY 14 - 16
Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

APRIL 29 | 3:00 to 4:00 PM

GUEST SPEAKER | Jeff Brown, Greenville Drive

5th Annual Putting for Prevention Tournament

30th Anniversary Gala
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Sponsorship & Playing Opportunities
Ten at the Top has created a web repository of links to key information on COVID-19. With schools, organizations, businesses and many others canceling events and altering schedules due to the COVID-19 virus, having access to reliable and timely information as well as details about available resources is critical. 
A lot of people are facing food insecurity, perhaps for the first time, during the COVID-19 crisis. Our Upstate Food Access Map lists food resources across the Upstate.
The Upstate has plenty of natural resources for you to explore and still maintain your distance—you can find them on our Outdoor Activity and Recreation Interactive Map.