April 22, 2020
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Celestial Greetings!

It's not just Earth Day, it's the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! I remember the first one back in 1970. I was a senior in high school and we did a litter clean-up around town. We had such high hopes for a cleaner, healthier world. And progress was achieved in the years that followed, at times reversed by backsliding in protective regulations. I never would have guessed that the most dramatic improvement would come courtesy of a global pandemic! In just the past several weeks, air and water quality have rapidly improved as a result of the people of the world stopping in their tracks because of the Covid-19 virus.

The New Moon this evening (April 22, 10:46 PM EDT) occurs at 3 degrees of the earth sign Taurus, only three degrees away from Uranus at 6 degrees. Such a close proximity puts the influence of Uranus in the spotlight for the coming four-week lunar cycle. With no interplanetary configurations in place at this New Moon, a simple conjunction like this takes on greater importance.
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What are the planets up to?

Uranus is in the spotlight!
Uranus is the oddball planet of our Solar System. Until the addition of Eris in 2006, it was the only planet with a name from a Greek god rather than the Roman pantheon. It is unique in its axial tilt of 99 degrees, meaning it orbits the Sun on its side, looking less like a spinning top and more like a rolling ball. Its poles are not at the top and bottom of its sphere; they're on the sides. And while it rotates in a 17-hour day, a shift of seasons takes 42 years! (For half of its 84-year orbit, the same pole points toward the Sun.) It has rings, but they are dark, thin and hard to see, unlike Saturn's rings.

As the weirdo planet, Uranus has the job of helping us get in touch with and express our uniqueness. Discovered near the time of the American and French Revolutions, it also relates to independence and rebellion. Though it was only officially found after the invention of the telescope, it can be seen with the unaided eye under ideal conditions (away from light pollution and IF you know where in the sky to look for it.) Uranus ushered in the modern age, which is appropriate since it rules the sign of Aquarius and the coming New Age.

Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises. It acts as an alarm clock to wake us up to what needs to change. As it travels approximately seven years through the earth sign Taurus (2018-19 to 2025-26), we're becoming increasingly aware of the relationship between humans and our host planet, Earth. As a species, we're all in a state of shock now because of recent developments, struggling to find new ways to cope in uncharted territory, and it will take years to recover from the extremely unusual effects of the current pandemic.

While there is a lone wolf quality to Uranus and its sign Aquarius, this is also the planet-sign pair associated with the masses and all of humanity. "No man is an island" and we're finding that the new paradigm is cooperation rather than competition. This is in line with the current dominance of the number 2 (the number of pairing and teamwork) in the millennium of the 2000s, replacing a thousand years of the top dog number 1 (solo efforts - "every man for himself" - and "survival of the fittest) being in charge. With a New Moon conjunct Uranus, we're at an ideal moment to bond together to ensure the survival of our species as a whole.

The main connection made by the Moon, Sun and Uranus at the New Moon is a 90-ish-degree "square" to Saturn, the planet of responsibility, rules and government. Squares indicate friction and often necessitate decisions. As we turn to the government to take responsibility and put rules in place to foster our survival, we find that such rules override our freedoms and rights. This conflict has led to protests. Finding a balance between safety and freedom will be tricky in the coming months, especially since the square between Saturn and Uranus will not be exact until 2021 (occurring three times: 2/17, 6/14 and 12/24). And Uranus may have more surprises in store for us.
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Earth doesn't really have a birthday so Earth Day is the closest thing. This Earth Day, aside from being a golden anniversary, is like no other, with life on earth so very different from what we've ever experienced before. Perhaps there is some good that will come from our virus-related shutdown.
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