Authenticity & Self-Care
Dear Friends, it has been a month or two since we have had time to write and we hope you are all doing very well!  We send special thoughts of love to all those impacted by the recent fires in California.  
For the next two months, we have an interesting transit of awakening taking place and we wanted to share a few words about it below. 
Thank you for sharing this journey with us!
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Uranus square the Nodes  
Self-Care and Authenticity

We want to write about two astrological events occurring right now that come together for a unique transit for the next 2 months:
  • First, on November 7, 2018, transiting Uranus is retrograde and has moved back into the sign of Aries, where he will remain for four months, moving back into Taurus on March 7, 2019.
  • Second, on November 16, 2018, the transiting Nodes of the Moon changed signs from Aquarius and Leo to Capricorn and Cancer.
Together, the powerful magic occurs because Uranus is squaring the Lunar Nodes for the next two months (exact on December 2, 2018 and in orb through January 31, 2019) providing a unique and powerful opportunity for growth on a personal, emotional, and spiritual level.
The Nodes of the Moon Switching Signs
Just as they do every 18 months, the Nodes of the Moon (also known as the Lunar Nodes) switched signs from Leo and Aquarius to Capricorn and Cancer.
The South Node of the Moon represents your karmic past. In the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, the South Node contains the memories of times when we felt blocked and suppressed, both in childhood and past lives.
The impact of these memories often promotes fear, doubt, and guilt even though the actual events occurred decades or lifetimes ago. When the South Node in Capricorn is triggered by a transit, the content of those memories can be experienced in circumstances or felt in arising thoughts, feelings, body chemistry. The arising of feelings like fear, sadness, and anger are what Eckhart Tolle calls "Pain Body".
The North Node of the Moon represents your dharma or highest potential for this lifetime. The energy of the North Node in Cancer tells us the path forward is toward comfort as the sign of Cancer guides us to nurture ourselves so that we can feel safe and emotionally secure.
With the Nodes of the Moon in Cancer and Capricorn,  
we have a dynamic between  
the emotional needs of the individual and  
the expectations of family and society.
This shift took place on November 16 just before the Thanksgiving holiday when many of you probably spent time with family. The Lunar Nodes left the signs of Leo and Aquarius after 18 months where the focus was on your confidence and creativity and an awareness of your uniqueness. So, we have moved from an energy that was encouraging you to explore your confident and authentic self to one that more wants you to conform to expectations in order to have comfort and security. This is a dramatic shift in energy.
All archetypes are rich and complex, but given the back drop of the holidays and of all the dramatic events in the world, this transit seems to be saying that it is a good time for you to practice the self-care you deserve and to be the one who nurtures your own spirit when the expectations and demands of family and society become too great.
Self-care means that we take time for ourselves.  This can be as elaborate as a visit to a salon or a spa or as simple as taking time for a walk in nature, journalling, painting, or slowly sipping a warm tea.   
In taking time to care for ourselves, we let our heart know that we matter and that our needs matter. We also prove to ourselves that we can nurture ourselves and do not need to depend on others to make us feel safe or to take care of us.
Note: This is a transit. We are not talking about an energy in your birth chart. You might experience the transiting nodes making aspects to your natal chart. Or, you just might feel the collective power of this transit taking place. You would know exactly how your chart is personally impacted by having a transit forecast.
Uranus is presently moving retrograde and has moved back into the sign of Aries. Both the planet Uranus and the sign of Aries share a need for freedom. Aries needs the freedom to explore and "follow your bliss", while Uranus demands the freedom to be your authentic self. Since Uranus is retrograde, this is a time re-visit the topics of freedom and authenticity so that you can find new ways of expressing yourself more confidently and effectively.
This retrograde movement back into Aries completes the transit of Aries by Uranus. Uranus entered Aries in March of 2011. He has already moved into Taurus once, but with this retrograde motion moves back into Aries. So, one last chance to explore what you have learned since 2011 during his long transit of Aries or to get a sense of what you did or did not pay attention to.
Uranus is known as the Great Awakener. Via transits, he creates sudden situations that serve to shock you and wake you up so that you can liberate in order to experience the full capacity of your authenticity. Key words here are sudden and change. It is this sudden nature of change that makes Uranus a powerful, transforming planet.
Again, this is a transit. We are not talking about an energy in your birth chart. You might experience Uranus making aspects to your natal chart. Or, you just might feel the collective power of this transit taking place. You would know exactly how your chart is personally impacted by having a transit forecast.
Uranus Squaring the Nodes
From this retrograde position in Aries, Uranus is squaring the Nodes of the Moon. It might be helpful for you to anticipate the potential for sudden events that create tension between your emotional needs as an individual and the expectations of family and society. Especially, since this is a 'wrap up' of Uranus' Aries transit. Again, Aries encourages the freedom to explore and Uranus the freedom to be authentic and embrace what is unique about you.
It is important to note that this does not mean that everyone will have similar experiences. The key is that Uranus will only reflect sudden experiences if you have not been able to be reasonably authentic in the presence of family, your work colleagues, etc. So, if you are able to "be yourself" on the job and with family, you may find this transit goes by relatively unnoticed. In this case, imagine that Uranus is giving you a silent pat on the back with a smile that says, "Great job!"
Alternatively, if being yourself with family and colleagues feels difficult or if important aspects of your life are not honored or maybe even openly denied, then Uranus will create circumstances that suddenly bring these aspects into the open. Uranus does this because he is working to shatter the limitation on your behalf. Well thank you Uranus! That's where he can get his bad wrap in transits, but Uranus wants to awaken you to live your life with authenticity and to feel comfortable sharing who you are and your experiences with others. He's just doing his astrological job.
Don't expect everyone to want to tag along on your next vacation based on this authentic expression of self, but Uranus does want you to feel comfortable sharing pictures on your cell phone like everyone else.
Achilles and Dawn - Minor Asteroids
Two minor asteroids making key aspects on the exact date when Uranus squares the Nodes on December 2, 2018 add important insights.
The minor asteroid Achilles will be conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. Achilles mother, the goddess Thetis, dipped his entire body into the river Styx to give him immortality. However, since she held him by his left heel, this left his heel vulnerable. In the war of Troy, Paris guided his arrow into Achilles' weak spot on his left heel and kills him. This is where we get the term "Achilles heel" from. With the minor asteroid Achilles conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, your emotional "weak spot", where you are left unprotected, may be suddenly and painfully triggered by the planet Uranus.
The minor asteroid Dawn will be conjunct the North Node in Cancer and inspiring your future. Dawn is present at the beginning of each day as she brings the first glow of light that precedes the arrival of Apollo and sunrise. When Dawn arrives, we have the feeling that a new day and new possibilities for life are here. In the context of Uranus square the Nodes, you may find Dawn announcing the potential for a new chapter of life. The arrival of Dawn is a very encouraging thought.
As Uranus squares the Nodes for the next two months, he brings an opportunity for growth, personally, emotionally, spiritually. The keys are to be aware of your feelings, be true to yourself and give yourself the "self-care" that you need and that honors the needs of your authentic self. The reward is in the dawn of a new chapter of confidence, authenticity and joy.
May you move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars.

Las Vegas Update

We are still enjoying Las Vegas very much!

We are settling in into
our new home in Las Vegas very nicely. 

From the pictures below,
you will see that we 'imported'
plenty of energy from Bavaria into our home. 

A person from Bavaria who stopped by said
'it looks just like my Grandma's house'. 

We were pleased with that!

We are also getting acquainted with our garden
and have enjoyed getting to know our roses and
trimming our trees!

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