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IT's WW92 !
We are more than half way into our World War 92 competition ! Team What's on and Team Dubai 92 are still battling it madly and frankly there isn't yet a winner.... The last few weeks will determine which of the team take the prize !

We love to see how this competition is highlighting  the commitment of some of the participants : Sarah made a total of 16kg in granola and bars for the whole team!

The results are showing: Julie has gone from 1 to 20 pushups at the mid point assessment

And we don't always win against the bad habits : Bret managed to miss the mid point assessment due to a hangover from his 40th birthday...tut tut!

Welcome Nicole and Zoe !    
We are delighted to welcome Nicole Blake and Zoe Da Silva to the Urban Energy team ! A graduate of the Fitness Institute of Australia, Nicole has a specialty as a swimming instructor.

Zoe is a new mum who will join us on a part time basis,  and will spend half her time with us handling customer enquiries and instructor schedules, and the other half as a fitness instructor.  She has tremendous experience both as an instructor and in a management role.  She is also a keen runner and will assist us with our running club for the 2011/2012 session.

We hope to introduce Zoe and Nicole very soon to all our Urban participants ! 
There's a new Kids' hang out in town !   

homegrown logo homegrown foyer 


We've fell in love with this new nursery!  Home Grown Children's Eco Nursery is a green thinking children's nursery that promotes a holistic learning environment for children aged twelve months to four years +.


Integrating the warmth of nurturing and the harmony of nature balanced with traditional teaching methods they are set to achieve the very best for our kids.

With great initiatives, such as the use of eco-friendly materials and green cleaning products, an organic vegetable patch or again a great CSR programme, we wholeheartedely support homegrown and wish them well in their opening next week !


for more information, contact 



Issue: # 20        August 2011
Dear Urban Enthusiast,

Laurence Yeepee, August done and dusted! It is always an awkward month.  The realization that we actually miss those of you who are gone on holidays always hits us hard!  It's also, however, a time for a holidays for all of us, and this year, everyone, but our trooper Marie took a break ! 

We have had a busy month though, and are particularly impressed that most of our Muslim customers have continued their fitness regime whilst observing a Ramadan fast.

September is around the corner, and with it, a host of new classes, new faces, new babies, new pregnant bellies, new competitions and new shoes to pound the pavements with!

We welcome Nicole and Zoe to the team and will soon be recruiting for another instructor.  Demand for personal training is through the roof, as it is for prenatal classes.

This is all good !  We're feeling excited about the last 4 months of the year.... loads of summer calories to burn and we can't wait to get started!  In the meantime, we wish you a very happy Eid and hope you enjoyed a wonderful holy month of Ramadan.     



Laurence & Amy
Update on classes

boost team  

Most of our 'winter' classes will start again on the second week of September, giving everyone time to settle back in, put the kids back to school, get back to work, or get over the festive Eid break.

Our schedule is slowly being updated with new classes so keep checking on our website for new additions.
confirmed now are the following :

Sunday Urban Boost Fiona 8.30am - star international
Sunday Urban Pre-post Natal Amy 6pm - Star International 
Sunday Urban run beginners 6.15pm (45min) Ranches (Laurence)
Sunday Urban run intermediates 7pm Ranches (Laurence)

Monday Urban kick Amy 7.30pm - star international

Tues Tues Urban Kick Amy 8.30am - Star international
Tues Urban pre/post Natal Amy 9.45am  - Star international

Wed Urban pre/post Nicola 6pm - star international
Wed Urban Boost Amy 7.30pm  - star international
Wed Urban Run (intermediate) Zoe - 7pm - Barsha Park

Thurs Boost Light Fiona 8.30am - Star International
Thurs Urban Run  8.30am (sprints / fartlek or beach training) - Nicola - Umm suqueim beach

There will be more classes announced, as and when we are able to free up some instructors.  Most classes will start on the week of the 10th September.  check our website for updated information on our schedule and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.   
Photoshoot superstar style !
Earlier this month, the team met up at 6am one gorgeous morning for a photoshoot, let by our talented urban enthusiast Annabel MacRae.

The results ? a series of photos that embody the spirit of Urban Energy : beautiful surroundings, healthy bodies and happy smiles.

Team photoshoot
5 tips to get back fitness after the holidays


We've all done it.  Regardless of how organised our routine is in June, and how well we've been doing so far,  the holiday break is often (unless you have extraordinary will-power) more than just a short break! It's a complete rupture !  And whilst it won't take long to get back into a good routine, the first few weeks after a break are crucial to prevent injury.  Here are our five top tips :


- Take it easy: It's not because you could run 10km or do 25 pushup before your holidays that you can go straight into it upon your return.  Ease into your routine.  If you could do 10km before, go out on your first run with a goal of 5 or 6km, then do more if you feel good about it.  Incorporate rests days into your week, particularly after a upper or lower body workout.  Take into account the humidity and heat in Dubai. Your body will have to get used to it again.

- Look at your nutrition : If you have over-indulged on the holidays, or just simply changed your diet because you were not home, ensure your return diet is optimized for fitness.  Includes fruits and vegs. Drinks loads of water.  Incorporate lean meat and fish for muscle recovery.  Increase your fiber intake and load up on anti-oxidants. Before you eat anything, ask yourself " is this going to be good for my fitness ?' 

- Make it pleasurable : Go with friends, get a group together, try new classes, or find a personal trainer that really 'gets you'. At the end of a session, you should be on a high, with the satisfaction of a job well done.  Exercising as a chore is a thing of the past.  There are enough options now to find something you truly like.... Experiment, you'll be surprised !

- Get expert assistance :
DVD's and other downloads are only good if you have good understanding of fitness and of your body.  They also work better if you have really strong will power.  Otherwise, they'll end up in the drawer before chapter 3 and could possibly be the source of injuries.  Invest in a few classes, get a personal trainer, even if this is just for a couple of technique sessions.  if you can, book yourself a couple of sports massages to get your muscles working.
- Follow your instincts: If it feels wrong, it probably is.  Listen to your body and respect what it says to you.  Even if your usual workout buddies are back at the same intensity as before,  if you feel this is too much for you, take it down a notch.  You'll be back in no time.

Muscle memory is an incredible thing!  It won't take long and you'll be back to were you were before your break. Then you'll be able to build on this and improve even more.  Have patience !

Here's to an injury free return !