December 5, 2020
Urban Reserves Direction, Santa Clara Community Park Workshop, and Upcoming Community Advisory Committee Meetings
Urban Reserves Direction

On Tuesday, November 10, 2020, the Lane County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a motion in support of the Eugene City Council’s initiation of a public review and adoption process to consider the establishment of Urban Reserves as described in Option 3, the 27-Year option. This direction is consistent with the majority of the input received through our public engagement process, the Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee recommendation to staff, and the Eugene Planning Commission recommendation to City Council. You can watch a recording of the meeting here.

This Urban Reserves area includes almost 6,000 acres of land, enough to meet approximately 27 years of growth beyond 2032. The Urban Reserve area in the 27-year option strives to protect our highest value soils by removing from future urbanization all agricultural properties with predominant Class 1 land and directly adjacent agricultural properties with predominant Class 2 land, which are primarily located in the Santa Clara area. 

The 27-year option is consistent with Goal 10 of the draft River Road Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan, which focuses on preserving agricultural land and open spaces within and around the neighborhood boundaries. Goal 10 actions include protecting and limiting non-agricultural development on Class 1 and 2 soils to preserve its agricultural potential.

Staff are beginning to assemble an adoption package for review in 2021. The formal adoption process will include work sessions and public hearings with Eugene and Lane County Planning Commissions as well as the Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners. The Planning Commissions will consider and form a recommendation to City Council and the Board of Commissioners. The Council and Board will then consider and ultimately act on the adoption package. 

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Urban Reserves planning. We truly appreciate your input -- it helps us plan for the best Eugene possible, as our city continues to grow.

For more information on the Urban Reserve area, and all of the Urban Reserve options that were under consideration, please see the interactive Urban Reserve Options Story Map or the project webpage. You can also sign up for the Urban Reserves Interested Parties Mailing List to be notified in advance of public meetings. 

Contact Project Manager Rebecca Gershow with questions, or use the Q&A feature on our Engage Eugene page.
Santa Clara Community Park
Upcoming Virtual Workshop #3
Santa Clara Park is a future community park site currently comprised of two open fields with informal walking paths on the north and east sides of Madison Middle School, off Wilkes Drive.

Earlier this year, Parks and Open Space hosted two of three public meetings to help create a vision and gather input on conceptual plans for this 35-acre park in Santa Clara. If you haven’t yet gotten involved, there’s still time!

The 3rd workshop for Santa Clara Community Park will be held virtually this Tuesday, December 8th from 6-8pm. Staff will be presenting the final master plan concept and phase 1 park recommendations.

Please use the following link and passcode to join the webinar on December 8th:

Previous workshop reports, survey results, and more information is available on the Engage Eugene Santa Clara Community Park project page.

Thank you for staying engaged, we look forward to your continued input and feedback on the future park!
River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan
Community Advisory Committee Meetings

Committee (CAC) meeting, the committee reviewed a draft of the Neighborhood Plan document and continued to discuss neighborhood priorities, outreach, and next steps for the Action Plan.

Next steps include getting CAC support on concepts for code changes to be adopted with the Neighborhood Plan so that staff can get direction and support from Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners to begin drafting detailed code language for community review and input as part of the Adoption Phase.

Regularly scheduled CAC meetings occur virtually the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm and the public is available to join online or by phone and watch or provide comment as the CAC moves forward in the Action Planning phase of the neighborhood plan. CAC meetings are accessible through the following link or phone number.

To Join Online:

To Join by Phone:
  • (Toll Free) 877-853-5257
  • Webinar ID: 926 0798 7020

The next CAC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15th at 6:00pm. To learn more about the CAC visit the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan Get Involved webpage.

For questions about the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan, contact project manager Chelsea Hartman at 541-682-5686.
Get Involved with your Community Organization
Both the River Road Community Organization and Santa Clara Community Organization are active in the neighborhood planning process as well as other neighborhood issues. Check out their websites to learn more about neighborhood events and news.