Lots of great new items have recently arrived!


Hi Friends,

Greetings!  It's summer show week and I wanted to quickly send out our store hours for this week (i've highlighted the changes to make it easy):

Saturday (7/15):          9:00-4:00
Sunday & Monday:      CLOSED
Tuesday (7/18):            CLOSED
Wednesday (7/19):     11:00-6:00
Thursday (7/20):          11:00-6:00

It's been fun so far...  Yesterday morning at 4:30 in the airport I turned around in the security line and standing right behind me is one of the ladies from the store.  Small world!  And I've only been here less than 24 hours and already had so much fun.  I rode the light rail to the hotel, and then went to the Red Iguana for dinner, which was featured on the Dives and Diners show on the Food network.  Today is the bus tour and we are going to visit some of our vendors...  I'll post updates on Facebook so be sure to follow us there!

Tim's New Stamp Press
is HERE!

If you pre-ordered, yours is on hold.  If you didn't, be sure to swing in while we have them in stock!!!  Don't forget to pick up your protective sleeve too!

We just got a BIG SHIPMENT of NEW colors of

I don't even know what colors arrived, but there's a bunch of new ones we haven't had yet...  I *think* Lexington Grey and x-Feather are also in the shipment.  If you are on the list for them, we'll have them on hold for you...


  Looking forward to seeing you soon ~Brooke

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