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Invasive Plants
What is both an ornamental grass and a state-listed noxious weed? If you answered fountain grass, you are correct! Fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum) checks both boxes – it was planted in urban landscapes but is now established in desert mountain parks and preserves in Phoenix and Tucson. In early 2020, fountain grass was added to the Arizona noxious weed list as a Class C noxious weed, meaning it is “widespread but may be recommended for active control based on risk assessment.” 
Watering During a Drought
Drought is, unfortunately, becoming the new normal here in Arizona. According to Drought Monitor, 87% of Arizona is under “Extreme Drought” conditions. This makes fires more frequent, declining water levels inevitable, and managing trees on urban and private properties challenging.
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Investing in America's Urban Forests
Despite the many benefits that trees provide, research suggests that tree canopy is unequally distributed in U.S. cities with low-income neighborhoods and communities of color often having less tree cover.
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