Two Years in the Making – We Launched a More Competitively Priced Product for Residential Use. Now Live and Available.

We Created a More Competitively Priced Product Just for Residential Use

Upon close analysis of the requirements for residential properties, it became evident that our premium offering may be financially unattainable for a considerable segment of the residential market. That's why we created a product tailored exclusively for residential projects to ensure that Urban Umbrella is now the go-to choice for residential properties.

Our residential product in Tribeca.

30-Day Special For Residential Buildings

Offering a 'Rent Now, Pay Later' Model

Whether it's a vacation or a new pair of shoes, many of you have encountered the convenience of a new payment model when shopping online. So, why not apply the same flexibility to scaffolding? For the first time in the construction industry, we are offering a new payment model that allows clients to pay for their Urban Umbrella and distribute the initial installation and rental payments over the project's duration with no money due up-front.

We understand the current economic challenges, and let's be honest, paying a substantial upfront amount for an Urban Umbrella, especially when it's unexpected work mandated by the Department of Buildings, is not something people eagerly embrace, so don't sweat it, we will pull the permits and install your Urban Umbrella without payment until month four of your project.

If you're intrigued and want to learn more about this offering, feel free to contact us! Qualifications include a minimum six-month contract.

Second Project at JFK Airport Completed

In late 2023, we secured the opportunity to supply a sidewalk scaffolding canopy for the Terminal 1 project at JFK Airport. This marks the second collaboration between Urban Umbrella and JFK Airport.

Brian Forrestal Promoted to COO

We are pleased to announce changes to our leadership team at Urban Umbrella. Brian Forrestal, who has served as Director of Operations for the past two years, will be taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Brian has demonstrated outstanding dedication and leadership in his time with the company. Simultaneously, Spencer Beattie, previously a Senior Product Manager, has been promoted to Director of Operations. These changes reflect our commitment to recognizing and fostering talent within our organization as we continue to grow and innovate. These leadership enhancements will benefit our clients, further solidifying our dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

Industry News

An Employee-Owned Business

Embracing the Zappos philosophy, "We are in the customer service business. We just happen to provide scaffolding solutions," The Urban Umbrella team takes this commitment to heart. Urban Umbrella is an employee-owned business; every dedicated team member is not just an employee but a stakeholder. This shared ownership fosters a deep sense of responsibility and dedication. Customer service isn't just a job; it's a way of life. Your satisfaction is the company's driving force, and the team takes pride in ensuring that choosing to work with Urban Umbrella leaves you with a positive and fulfilling experience.

Some of the Urban Umbrella team at its December 2023 investor summit, from left to right: Faith Jones, Spencer Beattie, Brian Forrestal, Benjamin Maltz, Jessie Goldbaugh, James Arnason, Paul DeFeo, Aram Muraydan, Benjamin Krall, Nicole Jodoin, Jake Lanciani, and Ethan Montero. Cynthia Starr and Maggie Lineberger are missing from the photo.

James Arnason, Benjamin Krall, and Spencer Beattie at our NY Fashion Week installation.

Ethan Montero, Brian Forrestal, Spencer Beattie, and Benjamin Krall at our 2023 Tribeca Film Festival installation.

Felix Moreno, Nicole Jodoin, and Faith Jones.

Members of the team at one of its industry events this past year. Paul Defeo and Spencer Beattie at Urban Umbrella's January 2024 Bryant Park Winter Village exhibit.

Urban Umbrella Expands to 14 Markets, Including New Cities Atlanta, Austin, Houston, and Maryland

As pedestrian safety takes center stage in cities worldwide, scaffolding is no longer confined to New York City and is becoming prevalent in multiple urban areas. With a new product, we have launched six new markets in the last six-months and have plans to launch in five new markets in 2024.


Our first project in Houston is located on a roof of a residential high-rise building. Scaffolding does not just live on sidewalks.

Did you know that among the 350 total jobs completed by Urban Umbrella, 25% took place on rooftops, such as the condo pictured above in Houston?


Our first project in Austin is located in the heart of downtown Austin at 360 Nueces Street. With a boom in new developments and a focus on pedestrian safety, there is a growing market for scaffolding in downtown Austin.

Urban Umbrella's new product, showcased above, boasts faster installation and a lighter weight, making it particularly well-suited for entry into new markets.

Three Upcoming NYC Inspection Deadlines

Parapets: Commencing on January 1, 2024, building proprietors in New York City are now mandated to conduct annual inspections of parapets.

Architectural Facades: For buildings exceeding six stories with block numbers concluding in 1, 2, or 3, the deadline for submitting Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) sub-cycle 9C reports is February 21, 2024.

New Parking Garage Regulations: Owners of parking structures in upper Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island – sub-cycles 1B and 1C – are now obligated to undergo an initial inspection supervised by a Qualified Parking Structure Inspector (QPSI), with the corresponding report due by August 1, 2024. This supplementary requirement is in addition to the first sub-cycle inspection mandate.

New Entrance Span Product Unveiled at NYC Land Rover Dealership

In our commitment to enhancing entrance accessibility, we have innovated an advanced span product designed to optimize openness and functionality. This new solution can seamlessly extend over entrances up to 40 feet in length and reach a height of 25 feet, ensuring a spacious and unobstructed entry. Our dedicated Research and Development team is consistently refining and advancing our product offerings to deliver the best experience for our clients.

Urban Umbrella Complete's its 300th job in NYC

Thank you to all of our clients for the support in reaching this milestone.

Noteworthy New Jobs from Urban Umbrella

1790 Broadway, NYC

9 East 57th Street, NYC

97 Greene Street, NYC

97 Wooster Street, NYC

435 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago

1050 Techwood Dr, Atlanta

225 E. 134th Street, NYC

East 86th Street, NYC

65 Bleecker Street, NYC

550 West 45th Street, NYC

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