November 4, 2019
Revenue Sharing Requirements

In 2018-19, the Ministry of Government Relations reviewed the Municipal Revenue Sharing program, introducing changes that include eligibility requirements. This year the requirements are being tested with full implementation intended for 2020-21.

On November 15 , the ministry will email a link to an online Declaration of Eligibility to all municipalities. The declaration, to be completed by January 15, is a test of the system. Municipal Revenue Grant payments for 2020 will not be withheld based on the submission of the municipality's online declaration, unless a municipality has not submitted their Audited Financial Statements as currently required. Beginning in November 2020, municipalities will be asked to complete an annual declaration.

See the eligibility requirements infographic to learn more.
SUMA's Provincial Budget Submission

SUMA has provided a submission to the provincial government for consideration in the upcoming provincial budget highlighting key budgetary concerns and recommendations for funding.

On behalf of Saskatchewan's hometowns, SUMA is asking that the:
  • PST exemption for construction be immediately reinstated.
  • Community Rink Affordability Grant be reinstated and that the province consider including other recreational facilities, such as pools.
  • province support a Municipal Climate Change Action Centre that would provide funding for projects that increase utility, efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, or otherwise support climate change adaptation.
  • province develop an agreement for cannabis excise tax sharing with municipalities.
Find Your Path to Retirement with MEPP

New free workshops! The new Your Path to Retirement workshop series available to Municipal Employee Pension Plan members covers each stage of a member’s career (early, mid, late and retired) – there’s something for everyone! If you are a member interested in staying on top of your financial wellness and playing a part in Your Path to Retirement , choose a workshop – LEARN, BUILD, PREPARE and ENJOY – and get started. Retirement is the goal of every working person and often your pension is your largest asset – take a few hours of your time and make the most of it.

These workshops are free and are hosted by Certified Financial Planner ® professionals. The fall schedule, locations, and full description of each workshop is available on the MEPP website . Find a workshop and register today!  
Energy Code Workshops

The National Energy Code for Buildings 2017 (NECB 2017) and the National Building Code 2015 (NBC 2015) Section 9.36. have been in effect since January 1, 2019. Join the Building Standards and Licensing Branch in Regina on November 26 or Saskatoon on December 3 to learn more in a half-day workshop.
The workshops include: an overview of NECB 2017 requirements for building envelope; lighting; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; service water systems and electrical power systems; and an overview of the NBC 2015 Section 9.36. requirements for building envelope, HVAC systems, and service water systems.
There is no charge for the workshops and space is limited. The registration deadline is November 15 .
Share Your Thoughts - Take the Reclaimed Asphalt Survey

The survey deadline for the Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) survey has been extended!

Let the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure know how your jurisdiction uses RAP by taking their survey before November 8 .

RAP material is comprised of aggregate and aged asphalt; both of which are non-renewable materials. 

Currently the ministry either transfers ownership of surplus RAP material to the contractor or stockpiles and uses the RAP for operations and maintenance. The ministry's maintenance crews also produce and use RAP as a result of their activities. 

Help the ministry optimize the use of RAP in the province.
WCB Average Employer Premium Rate Remaining at $1.17

The Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) has proposed that the 2020 average employer premium rate remain at $1.17 per hundred dollars of payroll. This is the same rate as in 2019.

The premium rate is 43 per cent below the 17-year-high of $2.05.

While Saskatchewan continues to have the third lowest premium rate in the country, premium rates for 37 per cent of employers will increase next year. The increases range from 0.8 per cent to 11.1 per cent.
Fire Training Ground Expression of Interest

The safety of firefighters and successful fire suppression and rescue operations are directly related to fire departments abilities to train the required skills in a safe and controlled environment.

The Saskatoon Fire Department has initiated the planning of a safety training facility, and has released an expression of interest (EOI) for other organizations who may be interested in participating in the development or use of the proposed fire training grounds.

Canadian Centre for Energy Information

This year, Canada will launch the Canadian Centre for Energy Information to provide individuals and communities with comprehensive energy data.

The centre will:
  • compile, reconcile, and integrate energy data from various Canadian sources;
  • make data from multiple providers available free of charge;
  • provide new data products, visualization tools, and expert analyses in support of modeling and forecasting;
  • and more.

Agriculture Drainage and Environment Conference

Learn about drainage, from farming wetlands to carbon losses, at the Agriculture Drainage and Environment Conference being held November 6 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Regina.

There will be presentations from a range of speakers including Dr. John Pomeroy - Global Institute for Water Security, the Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association, and the School of Environment and Sustainability.

See the agenda and register today.
Advocacy Update
Changes to Cannabis Retailing Places Further Responsibilities on Saskatchewan Hometowns

The government has announced that beginning in April 2020, the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) will accept applications for cannabis retail permits in Saskatchewan communities with populations less than 2,500. Permit applications will be accepted for stores in all Saskatchewan communities beginning in September 2020.

Last week, SUMA released a statement to the media calling on the provincial government to share cannabis excise tax revenues with municipalities as the changes to cannabis retail permitting place further responsibilities on hometowns.

Under the open-market retail system, communities have the ability to opt out of having cannabis retail stores in their community, and applicants will need to meet local municipal requirements in addition to the SLGA's permitting requirements. However, the open system means municipalities may see increased usage and will need more resources to control production, sales, and consumption in their hometown.

SUMA will continue to advocate for municipalities to receive a portion of the cannabis excise tax as acknowledged in the 2018 federal budget and reiterated in a letter from federal Minister Bill Morneau.
Increasing the Voice of Saskatchewan in Ottawa

In SUMA's advocacy campaign leading up to the 2020 Federal Election, SUMA asked for a new federal-municipal relationship that would give municipalities the ability to manage their assets and make meaningful investments through federal gas tax and cannabis excise tax revenues.

A new relationship would also mean a strong Saskatchewan voice at the federal level. SUMA has sent letters to the leaders of Canada's federal parties advocating for increased dialogue and consultation to bring important issues affecting Saskatchewan's hometowns to the federal forefront.
Upcoming Events
Convention 2020: Registration Opens Later This Week!

The online registration system for Convention 2020 was scheduled to open today. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the launch has been postponed to later this week.

In preparation of registration, check out  this document that covers everything members need to know about registering for Convention. Other details (including information for non-members) are available on the  Registration page of our website.

The  Agenda and Events page includes the brochure and agenda, and information on Convention 2020 social activities. Visit the  Convention page on the SUMA website for all of the latest details.
Convention 2020: Winners of the Small Community Support Initiative

Three communities have been chosen to send two representatives to the 2020 SUMA Convention with complimentary registration.

The three winning communities are the:
  • Village of Calder
  • Resort Village of Cochin
  • Town of Fleming

The municipalities were selected through SUMA's Small Community Support Initiative which offers three municipalities with populations of less than 150 people the chance to send representatives to Convention with complimentary registration.
Classifieds and Grants

Positions Available:

Have a position to fill or an item to sell? Submit your ad on our website.  

Find the latest listings by visiting the SUMA Classifieds section of our website, under the Programs and Services tab.

Upcoming Deadlines:

For a full listing of grants, check the Grants section of our website under the Resources tab.
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