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As part of the growing movement for real police accountability, MPHA and our Task Force on Coronavirus & Equity have endorsed several bills to address police accountability . Today... this morning... right now, we need you to take action by calling your State Senator and telling them NOT to water down important police accountability provisions in the omnibus bill that they will be debating TODAY.
You can find your Senator's contact info  here , and if you don't know who your State Senator is, please click  here .
Section 10 of the Senate Police Accountability Bill (Senate Bill 2800) would reform so called "qualified immunity," which prevents police officers from being held accountable, even if they commit egregious misconduct that violates people's civil rights. This is the most important police accountability provision in the bill, but police have been lobbying hard to strip this provision and maintain the status quo!
We can't let this happen. Please call your Senator THIS MORNING and tell them "Don't water down section 10 - we need police accountability!"
This is a unique moment in the history of Massachusetts and our nation. Widespread public outrage sparked by the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other unarmed Black Americans has shifted the political landscape. For the first time, many leaders are calling for new policies that have the potential to fundamentally change the policing systems that have oppressed Black communities for generations.
We at the Massachusetts Public Health Association are proud to stand with the movement for ending state sanctioned violence against Black people.  We know that the trauma of police brutality is a major contributor to poor health outcomes. We also know that true health equity cannot be achieved without racial justice.
Please take action TODAY to ensure that Senate Bill 2800 is not watered down by groups fighting to maintain the status quo. Call your State Senator this morning and tell them "Don't water down section 10 - we need police accountability!" You can find your Senator's contact info  here , and if you don't know who your State Senator is, please click  here .
Thank you for taking action and being part of the change for racial justice,

Carlene Pavlos
Executive Director
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