As summer time approaches, things are heating up at Catholic World Mission! Through you we have been able to spread Christ's love around the world. It is your generosity that has ignited Catholic World Mission with the burning flame of Christ's love and enabled us to work even harder with our mission partners. Of course, as much as has been accomplished there is still much to do. Our work in the Congo has been challenged as sisters and children flee for their safety. Read on:
On the Run: Children of the Congo Flee to the Jungle
After walking through rough terrain for days, the children of the Ndekesha orphanage have finally arrived where they can be safe. The rough journey has all of the children scared, sick, overcrowded, and once again in need of our help for basic necessities like food.  Read about their arduous journey here. These innocent lives are being torn apart by civil war and we now have the opportunity to help them hold everything together. 
B e a guardian angel to these children through your prayers and support.  

The Farm of the Child

Catholic World Mission has been blessed with the unique opportunity to help over 150  children after they have been abandoned, orphaned, or abused! With your help, the children at the Farm of the Child in Honduras will be able to receive the help they need, recover their faith, and learn their worth and dignity as children of God. 
Missionary Spirits Ignited in Jamaica

Thanks to your generosity, young people in the United States are experiencing the love of Jesus Christ in new and profound ways. The students from the Catholic Student Union at FSU go on mission trips every Spring break; for many missionaries it is where they decide to receive Christ into their hearts and strive to live for Him for the rest of their lives.
  Read their story now!
Thank you!
It is your support that makes our mission of globally building the Kingdom of God possible! 

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