Dear Friend of Bonobos,

I just received an urgent message from Congo.

A new baby - pictured here in her cage - can be rescued.

We must rescue this baby bonobo!
Because when a baby bonobo loses her mother, she enters the illegal international wildlife trade or she dies, or both.

She is caged, alone, hungry, and scared. She comes to Lola ya Bonobo starving and malnourished, riddled with parasites and infection, and terrified and horrified from witnessing her mother’s killing.

All this while grieving the loss of her mother and her family - can you even imagine?

Since the discovery of this orphaned bonobo, at least one other bonobo has been found and there are rumors of two more. While this is a great sign that bonobo education and outreach is working, it also means we have potentially four more bonobos we need to rescue and care for right now!

You will bring a beautiful baby safely into the arms of the moms and veterinarians waiting for her at Lola ya Bonobo. Your gift will help bring her food, shelter, medicine, and the care and nurturing she must have to survive.

I look forward to updating you on their progress in the coming months, but please send help today.

With tremendous gratitude,

Ariel Rogers
Executive Director
Friends of Bonobos