Please Urge the State Senate to Oppose Environmental Rollbacks

The state Senate is expected to vote imminently on harmful environmental rollbacks. Contact your State Senator today!

Your help is needed TODAY as we continue the fight against legislation that would turn the clock back on environmental protection. We need you to use your voices to fight a destructive bill that is moving through the Pennsylvania State Senate, aimed at dismantling environmental protections across the Commonwealth. 

House Bill 2154 is likely to be voted on in the Senate Environmental Resources & Energy Committee next week and we need you to help stop it NOW. Call your Senator ( click here to look up the phone number) to stop this bill from moving to the Senate floor. 

Or, write your state lawmaker by clicking here to oppose this detrimental environmental bill.

" The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein."  -- Psalm 24:1

House Bill 2154 would significantly change the environmental requirements for conventional oil and gas drilling operators, putting clean air and pure water in jeopardy.

This bill passed the PA House of Representatives in June and is now being fast-tracked through the State Senate. We need you to urge them to safeguard the air you breathe and the water you drink rather than turn a blind eye to polluting companies acting in bad faith. 
It would reenact the Oil and Gas Act of 1984 for conventional oil and gas drilling operators, turning back the clock on standards by 34 years, rejecting modern technology. 

It promotes the use of drilling fluids and wastewater without any supporting scientific evidence deeming it safe for the public, potentially leaving your family at risk. This broadly threatens surface water in rural areas, where many of the highest quality streams and headwaters are located. 

This bill opens the door to more drilling operations across Pennsylvania, which further endangers our air and water.

This bill eliminates protections for public resources, such as parks, forests and wildlife preserves.

It will weaken public health regulations in favor of profits for polluters.
Please contact your state senators and urge them to vote NO on rolling back Pennsylvania’s environmental protection! . Your voice makes a difference.

Thank you for your advocacy!