Urgent Appeal to exclude J-1 teacher and intern programs from Immigration Ban
Dear TCGIS community, 
I write to you tonight with an urgent appeal to call and/or write your government representatives today or tomorrow to ask them to tell the White House to EXCLUDE J-1 programs from its next (and any future) visa/immigration proclamation.
We have just been informed by our visa agency that there exists a real and present risk that the J-1 teacher and intern programs will be included in the imminent proclamation, not just now, but permanently. If J-1 programs are included in this imminent visa ban, there is a real possibility that, instead of just the current temporary J-1 visa ban (due to embassy closures), a J-1 ban could be made permanent. We believe that the White House will release the immigration proclamation within a day or two from today.
This would mean that we would no longer be able to bring interns or international J1 teachers to TCGIS.
So please write or call your government representative today! It takes only TWO quick CLICKS to submit the letter online (it conveniently and automatically sends the letter to your representatives based on your zip code - so you don't even have to look them up!). We are also contacting members of Congress to strongly request that they contact the White House to exclude J1 visas from the proclamation.
To write to your representatives and President Trump today:
I thank you for your help to ensure that the J-1 cultural exchange programs can continue to thrive at TCGIS.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Ted Anderson