Drug Addiction Awareness

More than 3,500 people died from drug overdoses in Pennsylvania in 2015, a thirty percent increase from the previous year. In most of these deaths, numerous drugs were present. But opioids such as heroin and prescription painkillers were present in nearly sixty percent of the overdoses.
Many people don't understand why or how addiction and overdose happens. They think that those who use drugs lack moral principles or willpower and that they should be able to make the choice to stop using. Understanding addiction and being educated on the disease is key in prevention.
Addiction is a complex and chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive and difficult to control, despite consequences. Drugs and alcohol change the brain in ways that challenge an addict's self-control and interfere with their ability to resist urges. These brain changes can be persistent, which is why addiction is considered a "relapsing" disease. To read more on drug addiction awareness, click here

Nutrition Related Birth Defects: 
Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

There's no reason to wait for a positive pregnancy test to start making healthier choices and aim for an overall healthier lifestyle. Incorporating healthy habits is important and beneficial at any stage of pregnancy but also before conception. Implementing healthier habits before pregnancy can improve the health of the mother as well as the baby by preparing the body for the high demands of pregnancy. Women are susceptible to a number of complications during pregnancy.  Research suggests women who are obese (BMI over 30) have a higher incidence of pregnancy-induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, cesarean delivery, and macrosomia. Being either underweight or overweight can reduce the chance of conceiving. Ideally, both partners should aim for a healthy BMI (between 18.5-24.9). Excess body fat or insufficient amounts can interfere with fertility.  Starting pregnancy at a healthy weight can lower the risk of complications. Eating well can help keep blood pressure, blood sugar levels and weight at normal levels and can help reduce incidence of complications.  

To read more about healthy eating during pregnancy, click here.

Preventing Vaginal Infections 

Most women have experienced a vaginal infection at some point in their lives and know how it can not only be uncomfortable, but can interfere with daily activities. These infections occur when the natural bacteria that live in the vagina, primarily Lactobacillus types, are unable to thrive. When present in the vagina, these bacteria create a byproduct that keeps the environment acidic, prevents attachment of bad bacteria and yeast, and promotes the local immune system to fight infections. 

Anything that changes the pH of the vagina can reduce or wipe out the good bacteria in the vagina and put you at risk for an infection. This can include stress, medical illnesses, and vaginal irritation by soap, detergents, or lubricants. Changes in hormone levels, due to birth control pills, your period, or around menopause can also affect the vaginal pH and increase the chances of an infection. Taking antibiotics can directly kill the good bacteria and is a significant risk factor for yeast infections. 

Since most of the bacteria in the vagina originate in the intestines, the best way to ensure there is enough good bacteria is to have a diet rich in probiotics. To find out how to prevent vaginal infections, click here

Skincare for 360-degree Health
Our  Dermacenter Medical Spa assists our patients on their journey of long-lasting skin health, by treating skin issues and maintaining healthy and beautiful skin throughout all stages of life.
Every month we highlight different services and procedures to provide our patients access to skincare as a part of a healthy lifestyle.  Click Here for more information on these monthly specials.

10% OFF VelaShape Packages!

This non-invasive medical solution for circumferential reduction contours and reshapes typical problem areas such as the 
thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. VelaShape II™
 has been proven to visibly smooth skin texture up to 60% after five sessions.

25% OFF  Skin Tightening Packages

This non-invasive laser procedure, which involves no downtime and minimal pain, causes the existing collagen in the deeper layers of the skin to tighten, leading to  improved skin contours and healthier collagen


DermaCenter Medical Spa at the Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center would like to invite you to our Center for our  exclusive injectable party!

Dr. Benjamin Lam, double board certified in both general surgery as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery, is our visiting plastic surgeon, available for injections and plastic surgery consultations from 8:30am-12:30pm. He specializes in both non-surgical procedures, such as Botox, Juvederm and Voluma as well as surgical procedures on the breasts, body, and face. For more information,  click  here.

Dr. Dana Shanis, M.D.,is board certified and available for Botox, Juvederm and Voluma injections.  Dr. Shanis, who will be available from  4:00pm-8:00pm  has been injecting at our practice since she joined and has recently completed an advanced injection training which trained her on intricate filler solutions around the jaw and other locations that are cutting edge at aesthetically enhancing your appearance. For more information on Dr. Shanis,  click here.

Catherine D. McGinty, MSN, FNP-BC, is a board certified family nurse practitioner.  She will be available for botox injections from 12:30pm-4:00pm.

 *Must sign up for Brilliant Distinctions program in order to receive discount. 

Health walks is a new segment in our newsletter. As a healthcare facility, we would like to encourage our employees and patients to exercise more while also promoting health related charities. Our first health walk will be the Schuylkill Walk at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education on  January 28th  from  2pm-3pm . It's free to join but is only intended for adults. Those who join should be prepared for uneven terrain. Learn more here!

Schuyllkill Center for Environmental Education
8480 Hagy's Mill Road
Philadelphia, PA 19128

We look forward to seeing you there!

We know so much about our patients and we love to see familiar faces (although preferably for well-visits), but do you ever wonder who is helping you book your follow-up appointments or draws your blood? If you do want to know more about our team, please feel free to read out "Meet the Staff" segment! We hope that getting a little more familiar with the people you see in our office will make you more comfortable and confident with the care you receive through us.

Samantha Ruggear, 24 years old 
Medical Assistant/Insurance Specialist

1) What does 'wellness' mean to you? 

To me, wellness means an overall feeling of happiness with your mind and body.

2) How do you feel about healthcare in the U.S. and your role within the system?

I believe healthcare in the US is one of the bes systems in the world. Although it is a great system I know it can be confusing to understand your insurance plan. My role is to help you understand every aspect of your plan to achieve the best healthcare you can receive.

3) Are there any lifestyle changes that have positively or negatively affected your health?

A lifestyle change I made that affected my health positively was to learn every action doesn't require a reaction.

4) What activities do you participate in? What do you do to help you feel healthy?

I try to do yoga every other day to help relax my mind and I always feel healthier after.

5) What advice do you have for patients seeking to optimize their health?

If you set a goal, don't give up. 

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